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Lab 5: The Human Skeleton


We’ve been talking about various bones, so this would be a good time to become familiar with them.


1. Labeled HUMAN SKELETAL SYSTEM. You will find an illustration of the human skeleton. Draw the anterior (frontal) view of the skeleton on a sheet of paper. NOTE: You are not being graded on your artistic skill. The point is to slow down and notice how the various parts of the body fit together.

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2. Label the bones, as seen in the picture.

3. Scroll down to the illustrations of the skull. Using a separate sheet of paper, draw both the anterior (frontal) and lateral (side) views. You can use two sheets of paper if that is easier.

4. Label the following in each view:

a. Zygomatic bone

b. Nasal bone

c. Maxilla

d. Mandible

e. Frontal bone

f. Parietal bone

g. Temporal bone

5. Scroll down again. Using a separate sheet of paper, draw the skull from the inferior (bottom) view.

6. Label the following:

a. Foramen magnum

b. Zygomatic bone

c. Zygomatic arch

d. Maxilla

7. Take photos of your drawings. You can use your phone or a digital camera. Then copy and paste them into the spaces below or use the Insert option on the toolbar. If you have difficulty with this step, please email me.


Drawing 1 (35 points), human skeleton, anterior view

Insert the photograph of your labeled drawing here.

Drawing 2 and 3 (40 points), human cranium, anterior and lateral views

Insert the photograph of your labeled drawings here.

Drawing 4 (25 points), human cranium, inferior view

Insert the photograph of your labeled drawing here.

You’re finished!

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