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Prepare the Annotated Bibliography section in your paper. For minimum sources for your paper, find 4 scholarly articles and 2 websites – this would be 6 sources. For full points on the final paper, have 6 scholarly articles and 3 websites, a total of 9 sources. As per your Shell, your Annotated Bibliography section will be added after the Reference section with the heading of, “Annotated Bibliography”. Submit the entire document/shell. However, only the Annotated Bibliography will be graded in this module.

Reminder of Proper Format: The Annotated Bibliography is a different section than the Reference section. There are two parts to the Annotated Bibliography: 1. The reference in APA format, with hanging paragraph indentation.  2. Immediately following each reference, you will need a paragraph describing the contents of the source – this is the annotated portion, it is a short 3 sentence summary of the source. This entire paragraph should be indented .5 inches as a block paragraph. The entire annotated bibliography should be double-spaced, per APA format. Do not add extra space between references.

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Assignment Expectations

Length: N/A 

Structure: Submit with shell intact, complete the Annotated Bibliography section and review and make corrections to the

         thesis/introduction section

References: Minimum a total of 6 (six) sources (at least 4 journal articles and 2 websites) all formatted in APA style with annotation attached for each source, go above this requirement to 9 sources total for full points on the final.

Topic: Healthcare and Nursing

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