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Consider the following scenario from your textbook:

Correctional leaders and their employees face many challenges daily: personnel matters, inmate management issues, operational and support glitches, funding shortages, and changes in the local, state, national, and international environment. All successful practitioners in the field will have to consider every opportunity to do their jobs with open minds to new ways of taking care of business.

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Most correctional leaders have come to depend on technology to help us work more efficiently and more cost effectively. All correctional facilities are using electronic devices to enhance staff members’ work. Nearly all institutions use computer software to track housing and work assignment changes today, and security devices help protect institutional personnel with their surveillance and tracking devices. New geographic information systems (GIS) let us visualize, analyze, interpret, and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. These systems are very helpful in revealing weaknesses and highlighting areas of our institutions that may require more staff or electronic supervision.

Institutional accountability and basic management principles must be the standard, but correctional personnel and technology also must change with the times.

Initial Post Instructions
For your initial post, analyze the scenario and evaluate the following. Include a synthesis of academic concepts.

· How can correctional administrator know when new technology or any change will be a safe and positive move rather than a security or safety liability?

· What steps should be taken when implementing new technology, policy/procedure, or correctional philosophy? What obstacles need to be overcome?

· How does a correctional leader establish an institutional environment that is receptive to new ways of operating a safe and secure facility?

· Should correctional administrators involve line staff in the planning for the future? Why or why not?


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