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It is difficult to accurately predict the future. However, with the knowledge of the past in corrections you have gained in previous classes and the knowledge of the present you have gained in this course, you may make an educated guess at what the future holds. For this presentation, look 10, 20, even 50 years in the future and discuss what corrections will look like.

Activity Instructions

For this final activity, you are to develop a PowerPoint presentation that looks into the future of corrections. Be sure to address the following:

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· What types of issues will be present?

· Will inmate management be the same? Will it be different? How?

· How will sentencing, the court and probation systems, and alternative sentencing be handled?

· What problems do we have now that will be eliminated and vice versa?

· How will corrections supervisory responsibilities change?

· How will legal responsibilities change?

· How will emergency preparedness change?

· What is your vision of the future of corrections?

Writing and Submission Requirements

· 8-10 slides, not including title slide or references slide.

· Include 100-150 words per slide in the notes section, explaining the contents of the slide.

· Title slide with topic and name of student

· References slide in APA format (minimum of 4 resources, including peer-reviewed and/or government sources)

· For standard requirements, review the Discussion and Written Assignment Expectations.

Tips for Success

Chapters 47-53 in the textbook will help you with this assignment. Be sure to conduct additional research in the TU Library or other trusted sources. A minimum of 4 peer-reviewed/government resources are required.

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