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Week 2 – Journal

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Active Listening
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Active Listening

Review “Habits of Poor Listeners” in Chapter 3 of the required Adams and Galanes text.

· Reflect on recent conversations that you have had with clients, friends, loved ones, or colleagues.

· Were you actively listening through the duration of each of these conversations? How or how not?

· What poor listening habits might you consider working on improving to help in delivery of human services working with clients, and/or working as part of a group in your human services agency?

Locate at least two credible Internet sources that educate individuals in the helping professions on how to improve active listening. You do not need to cite and reference outside additional sources; however, if you use thoughts, ideas, or quotes from the required text, then you must cite and reference your journal entry. Your reflective journal entry should consist of 350-500 words.

TABLE 3.2 Habits of Poor Listeners

PSEUDO LISTENING Pretending to listen while thinking about something else or while daydreaming.

SILENT ARGUING Mentally rehearsing objections to the speaker’s idea without first understanding what the speaker meant.

ASSUMING MEANING Interpreting the speaker’s behavior by using the cultural rules appropriate for the listener.

FOCUSING ON IRRELEVANCIES Becoming distracted from a speaker’s message by unimportant details such as dress, accent, physical appearance, or things in the environment.

SIDETRACKING Changing the topic because they weren’t paying attention to the speaker; not connecting remarks to statements of the previous speaker.

DEFENSIVE RESPONDING Failing to listen or failing to try to understand what a speaker is saying because they feel psychologically threatened by something the speaker said or did; responding with “chips on their shoulders”

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