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Case Study: Using scholarly internet sources, CPS Library, and Chapter 1 of your text, research an overview of crime and justice in the United States. Write an essay of your research meeting APA standards. Use a minimum of three sources for your research and a minimum word count of 1200. In your essay, discuss in detail the following topic aspects.

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  1. Summarize how the criminal justice system responds to crime in the United States. In other words, describe the steps or stages involved in the system’s response to crime.
  2. Discuss in detail some of the potential effects of the news media presenting an unbalanced picture of overall crime (skewed toward sensational crimes) on the criminal justice system and society in general.
  3. Which levels of government – federal, state and local – bear most of the costs of criminal justice in the United States? What percentage of the total budget for those levels is spent on criminal justice? Should more money be spent? Why or why not? If so, in what level of government should the money be spent?
  4. Point out major differences between Packer’s crime control and due process models. Based on your readings and research, which model (crime control or due process) is more effective in reducing crime? Respond in detail and support your position with facts or research.

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