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GWST 378

Fall 2021

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Midterm research project

Due to BB October 24 by 11:59 PM

This research paper requires you to ask and answer a specific research question about engaging

in research/scholarship about HIV and women. It will be important for you to, first, define

feminism and/or feminist research. After you have defined feminist research, you will be able to

present a review/synthesis of research about HIV and women in a selected area. Then, you will

evaluate the current body of research in your selected area against the feminist principles you

defined. Your conclusion will suggest a path forward.

Other details:

• Length: 4,000 words. Include a word count.

• Title page: not required but okay to include if you want.

• References: Use whatever style you are most comfortable with (APA, MLA, Chicago). Reference list does not count towards word count.

• Librarians are very helpful if you have questions about search strategies.

• My office hours are by appointment – I am so excited to talk to you about this topic via Zoom if you have questions.

Define feminist research

•Define feminism. Can draw on previous GWST coursework and/or other scholarly sources •Identify feminist

research principles. Can draw on previous GWST coursework (esp. 300 if you’ve taken it) and/or other scholarly sources.

Select aspect of HIV and women

to focus the paper

•Intimate partner violence & HIV •Sex differences in

HIV infection •Women and HIV

activism •Transgender women

and HIV •Racial disparities in

HIV in the US •Ethical

considerations of engaging pregnant women in HIV research •Women and HIV

cure •Experiences of

women scientists in the HIV field •Another area of

interest to you

Review literature on

that topic, synthesize it

•Search PubMed, other databases for articles on your topic •Select a minimum of

6-8 articles that are highly relevant to your topic •Distill 3-4 themes

from those articles. Include 1-2 paragraph per theme that synthesizes/reviews those themes

Evaluate the literature

against your definition

•Did some or all of the articles you included adhere to the feminist principles you outlined? •Were some elements

of feminist research more apparent than others?

Refelct on a path forward

•Based on your (now expert) perspective, what needs to change about this area of research on HIV and women to align it with feminist principles? •If your area of

research was already 100% feminist, how can other areas learn from this example?


Midterm research project

Criteria A Level B Level C Level D/F Level

Argument (40%)

Paper expertly asks and answers a specific research question from assignment sheet. Feminism and feminist research are expertly defined and situated in academic sources. Logical progression of ideas with a clear argumentative structure.

Paper answers a question from assignment sheet but is vague or unclear. Logical progression of ideas but not clearly developed.

Paper is ineffective and/or not related to a question from assignment sheet. Misunderstanding of course concepts or terms.

Fails to fulfil minimum


Evidence (40%)

Included articles are appropriate for the topic; expert review and synthesis of evidence; nuanced and advanced identification of themes from articles; perspective is original and fresh

Evidence is appropriate; review and synthesis is effective; themes are clearly identified but not fully explored; perspective is interesting but not original

Evidence is disconnected or not fully appropriate for topic; themes are unclear or confused; perspective repeats material from evidence with no unique interpretation

Fails to fulfil minimum


Writing quality (20%)

Writing is clear, concise, and coherent. Sentences are strong and expressive, with varied structure. Diction is consistently appropriate to formal writing. All language is accurate and used correctly. No errors in punctuation, spelling, capitalization. Transitions are graceful. Citations are accurate. Length is 4,000 words (+/- 200)

Writing is clear and coherent, but sometimes wordy. Sentences have varied structure. Diction is usually appropriate to formal writing. There are no more than two errors in punctuation, spelling, or capitalization. Transitions are present. No more than one citation error. Paper is short/long by 200- 400 words.

Writing is clear, but sometimes lacks coherence or is often wordy. Sentences lack variety. Diction is often inappropriate. There are three to five errors in punctuation, spelling, or capitalization. Transitions are ineffective. Two or more errors in citations. Paper is more than 400 words too short or too long.

Fails to fulfil minimum


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