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Describe a team you have served on and reflect on the effectiveness of the team. If the team was effective, please list some of the reasons why (outlined on page 370). If the team was unsuccessful, please list some of the barriers to team effectiveness (outlined on page 371). 

Conflict Management Styles (Links to an external site.)

Website link: http://sourcesofinsight.com/conflict-management-styles-at-a-glance/

What were some of the sources of conflict on your team? How was conflict handled? According to the article you read above on the topic of conflict, Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann propose five conflict styles — competitive, collaborative, compromising, accommodating and avoiding. How did the project manager address conflict? Do you personally feel conflict is positive or negative? How do you tend to address conflict?

If you had to be the ongoing leader for this team, what would you have done differently?

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Homework 2

As you recently read in Chapter 11, creative thinking helps with both generating new ideas and solving problems. First, do you personally think people are born creative or can they learn to be creative? Next, please read the attached article on creative thinking. 

Creative Thinking

Website link: https://lateralaction.com/creative-thinking/

As stated in the article, the author feels that “creative doing” is better than “creative thinking” because he believes that if you start to make something, creative ideas will naturally evolve. What are your thoughts about the author’s perspective?

Have you utilized any of the author’s approaches? If so, have you been successful in generating new ideas and/or solutions to problems? If not, how can you incorporate one of these approaches into either your personal or professional life?

What other creative approaches have you utilized that have been useful? Also, are there certain factors that trigger your creative flow — time of day, place, with or without people, type of work, background music, snacks :)?

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Homework 3

People involved with projects are usually busy working on a variety of tasks. Consequently, strong time management skills are vital when contributing as a high-performing team member. What are some ways people can more effectively manage their time? Read the suggestions on the bottom of page 391 of the textbook. Which of these suggestions do you currently practice? Select at least three new ideas you can implement to assist in managing your own time and explain why these approaches will likely be most effective for you. 

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