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Lizzie borden

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The crime was committed by Lizzie Borden

In 1982 Lizzie Borden took an ax and strike her father and mother forty and forty-one respectively (McCune, 2017).

Due to internal breeding, the victims passed away.

The victims were Andrew and Abby and were murder by Lizzie Borden in the comfort of their homes.

When the police officers arrived at the scene crime most of the evidence was confusing to ascertain what of the cause of the death to the due. Lizzie Border was convicted for a manslaughter case.


Risk factors

Lizzie Borden was born in 1860 by her biological parent Sarah and Andrew Border however, Sarah died immediately when Lizzie was born.

The first factor is development since Lizzie did not have a good relationship with Abby the stepmother.

Based on the case, Andrew was a wealthy man and Lizzie grew in fear suspecting that she will never get the inheritance since it would be grabbed by the step-mother.

The third factor could be learning where Lizzie grew to be selfish. Lizzie was so jealous after realizing that her father had bought a house for Abby’s sister.

There was a developmental challenge in Andrew’s family because Lizzie and her sister Emma never called Abby “Mother” but they always referred to her as step-mother an indication that there was a poor relationship between the children and the stepmother.


Classification of criminal

Homicide is the process of taking someone’s life.

Homicide is divided into two three main categories justifiable homicide, manslaughter, and murder.

Lizzie was convicted for manslaughter.

There was no evidence there the accused had planned to kill her father and stepmother (Vlitos, 2017).


The best case to explain the theory is the Familial Conflict Theory.

Based on the case study Lizzie was a victim of incest in her childhood.

The theory indicates that most people murder as a result of family challenges and poor upbringing.

The father failed to control Lizzie’s anger towards her stepmother.

Andrew did not take long to remarry of the death of his first wife Sarah and the decision could have angered the children when they grew up enough to understand the situation. The poor relationship within the family and perception of inheritance was the main cause of the murder.



Lizzie was charged for manslaughter for lack of evidence to ever plan to kill her parents.

Lizzie Border died in 1927 (Roggenkamp, 2017).

Lizzie Borden died at the age of sixty-eight as a result of pneumonia.

The accused died in Fall River a year after the death of her sister Emma.


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