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**The question is in the “Word” **

**Use the book “These Truths” as the ONLY source**

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Due Time: 11:59pm, Sep 24, Friday

What is Due by That Time: an essay between 500–700 words

What is the Essay?

Write an academic report on any of the following three (3) chapters in the textbook:

· Chapter Three, “Of Wars and Revolutions”

· Chapter Four, “The Constitution of a Nation”

· Chapter Five, “A Democracy of Numbers”

The report will identity the overarching argument of that chapter in the first paragraph, explain how Jill Lepore develops that argument in the body of the paper, and articulate the significance of that argument in the conclusion.

· In the body of the paper, please discuss what evidence contributes to the overarching argument, and how.

· The “significance” paragraph is open-ended. It does not need to be long. In undergraduate essays, the concluding paragraph rarely exceeds half of a page. Be thoughtful here, however. How has reading this chapter advanced your understanding of US history? If you feel moved or shocked, why? Trace concrete reasons behind feelings, and articulate those reasons. Unlike the introduction and the body, the “significance” in the conclusion paragraph is the only part in which you can bring “your ideas” into the essay; the rest is the accurate summary of what Lepore has accomplished.

This is not a research paper. No materials outside of the reading (textbook: These Truths).

More Important Stuff:

Appendix I includes writing conventions. Adherence to these conventions or not that will impact essay grades.

Appendix II clarifies how to format the essay, and what the expectations on citations are for this essay.

Appendix I: Writing Conventions

TITLE. All papers should have proper titles, including this one. The title should re-capture the essence of your thesis. Something like “Report on Chapter Three” is not counted as a substantive, and thus real, title.

PARAGRAPH. Paragraphs should be between three sentences and ¾ page. All paragraphs must have their topic sentences.

SENTENCE. One sentence shall only have one focus. Avoid massaging too much information into one sentence.

PARAPHRASING > DIRECT QUOTES. Be very judicious about selecting direct quotes from the textbook.

PASSIVE VOICE. Be specific and explicit on who did what.

USE STRONG VERBS. “Was, is, are, were, would,” are weak verbs. Find the action in your sentence, and bring that to the fore.

“CLARITY! CLARITY! CLARITY!” If some sentences, words, and structures are unclear, revise!

Appendix II: Formatting and Citation Rules

The paper should be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced, without any additional space between paragraphs.

Simplify the header information. Put your name and “HIST Paper #1” at the beginning, and that is it. No other information or cover page needed.


Please use in-text citations. Put (Lepore, PAGE NUMBER) following the completion of any sentence that includes direct quotes from the book.

Please do not add a bibliography page for this assignment, for all information comes from one source.

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