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below unit 5 questions

  1. Collaboration in a business environment is a best practice that leverages the collective knowledge of the team assembled. Peer evaluation and support, provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and organizational success, result in higher quality deliverables than generally possible by the efforts of an individual. Please describe the process you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project due in Unit 5 and present a preliminary outline indicating how you intend to organize the project deliverable. 
  2. Please review the process and outlines of other students, providing an objective assessment and constructive feedback that will help strengthen the effectiveness of their efforts and the quality of the finished product.

Unit_5 assignment 

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The most popular way for international expansion is for a local firm to acquire foreign companies. One of the most benefits for international expansion is global distribution capability that helps expanding the market share.

There are different implications of running a company that is within or outside of the European Union. If you were the head of a firm based in the United States, please answer the following questions, providing the rationale behind your answers:

  1. Would you seek to acquire a company within the European Union or outside of it? Why? 
  2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the choice you made. 
  3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages inherent in the option you did not choose. 
  4. Explain why an MNC may invest funds in a financial market outside its own country. 
  5. Explain why some financial institutions prefer to provide credit in financial markets outside their own country. 

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