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1) The impact of the diseases (stripe rust, leaf rust, and stem rust) with the known impact of epidemics on the world wheat crop as a need for studies such as screening wild types of wheat for novel resistance genes?

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2) Discuss the number of genes already known from A-genome diploid species and whether or not they are still functioning and / or what kind of impact they have had if known.

3) Which of the A-genome diploid wheat species had the highest levels of a) seedling and b) adult plant resistance?

4) What needs to be done to identify accessions which have novel rust resistance genes, is there marker of known genes published already that can be used to determine if you have something new in A-genome diploid relatives of wheat? Otherwise, allelism tests need to be done or not?

5) Once you have identified novel resistance genes they need to be transferred into adapted cultivars and for doing this you need reliable and fast markers like KAPS. Discuss about these markers with recent studies.

6) How do you want to employ these new genes, as single genes (problem boom and bust cycles) or stacked up in pyramids which are more difficult to overcome by the fungus?

Please discuss these topics in detail.

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