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 What did you find valuable in completing it? What do plan to do with the findings of your desirable careers? Is there anything that surprised you about your findings? Did you find out something that you did not know about? How do your strength, skills, interest, values fit into your desired professions? How will the career planning activity help you plan your academic path? Are there any areas that you already have the experience that could be applied to your dream professions? Are there any areas where you have to improve personally? 


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Module 2: Careers

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Module 2: Careers

Federal Court Judge

A judge is one of the numerous career options in the court system. The role of the federal judge is to oversee hearings or trials and pass judgments that are based on sound decision-making after consideration of all arguments within a case. They have the mandate to determine the appropriate punishment and extent to which they can be levied (NYCORG, 2018). Other judges are responsible for only hearing cases. In order to become one, the major requirements include earning a Bachelor’s degree. Different fields such as law programs, political science, criminal justice, and philosophy may apply. The courses cover such as sociology, public speaking, and communications. Apart from the Bachelor’s degree, judges are required to have attended law school and earned a Juris doctorate. Individuals should pass the bar exam and gain some experience before being able to become a judge (NYCORG, 2018).

The first action step will be to get a Bachelor’s degree which will enable qualification for law school admission. This will require passing all five sections of the law school admission test (LSAT). Attending law school in order to earn a Juris Doctorate from American Bar Association will be the next step. After that passing, the bar exam will allow law practice. The passing of the exam will lead to a clerkship followed by practicing law. Practicing law for at least two years will result in qualification for a judgeship (NYCORG, 2018).

Chief of Police

The chief of police is the topmost rank in law enforcement. The central role is to administer the Police Department according to the applicable laws and regulations. One ensures the achievement of organizational objectives and reports to the Capitol Police Board (Govtjobs, 2021). Requirements include Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Police Administration, or related fields. A Master’s degree is prominent among the chiefs but is not a must. One should have a police or law enforcement training certificate from the council. Individuals should be residents of the town or city they are applying for. Five years of experience in law enforcement is necessary. In addition, applicants should have three years of experience in police administration. A chief of police should have passed the necessary physical requirements of the area. Passing the standard psychiatric test is also requisite. Part of the job is to be reliable when emergency situations come up (Govtjobs, 2021).

The first action step essentially will be to pass the background check, which covers criminal and possibly credit history. Gaining the education requirements will be the key step in the process of becoming a police officer before proceeding on towards becoming a chief. It will be important to pass the licensing exam by earning a passing score on the police licensing board exam of the state, generally known as the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) exam (Govtjobs, 2021). Undergoing a psychological exam will be the next step. This will entail evaluation for mental fitness and psychological stability. This step will be followed by continuing education over the course of licensing period. Annual training in the use of force and once in five years training on pursuit driving or emergency vehicle operations will help the cause. After becoming a police officer, a wide range of police experience in aspects such as command assignments, community policing, planning, budgeting, and staffing will enable qualification for the chief of staff position (Govtjobs, 2021).

Security Consultancy Manager

Security consultancy covers the fields of crisis management, computer security, and security management. The roles include designing and developing security systems and specifications for physical and technological measures. It also entails carrying out security training and giving expert advice. The requirements include Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or Information Technology. One should acquire certification either as a Certified Security Consultant (CSC) or Certified Protection Professional (Coole et al., 2015). Individuals benefit from being part of other certifications programs.

The essential action steps to a become a security consultant will include getting a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Science. This will be followed by interning at a private firm then proceeding to a security consultant. In the process, getting the appropriate professional certifications such as the CSC will be necessary (Coole et al., 2015). Five to ten years of experience will enable qualification to the security consultant manager position.


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