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2 different assignments attached. 2 different answers and attachments expected please/

Consumer-Driven Health Care

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As a current or future health care executive, it is important to weigh the variety of things that consumers consider when making the decision to subscribe to health services offered by your health care organization. For what are your consumers looking, and what drives them to choose your health care organization? What are some of the items on which you need to reflect that consumers will use to drive their decision to utilize your health services?

For this Discussion, review the resources for this week and reflect on those considerations consumers keep in mind when selecting a health care organization to meet their health care needs. Think about what aspects of health care delivery in your health care organization, or one with which you are familiar, might be considered most important for a consumer to take into account when selecting where to receive health care.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a description of two different things that a consumer might consider when evaluating whether or not your health care organization will meet his or her health care needs. Provide a detailed explanation of each item and rationale for why a consumer would look at these items when making a decision. Be specific, and provide examples.


Continue the Discussion and respond your colleagues’ posts (250 words or more) describing what the consumer might consider when utilizing healthcare services. Explain whether you believe the information is credible and whether you would use the health care organization described, including why or why not. Explain what additional information you would want to know, and explain why.


When it comes to consumers and choosing a health care organization, the two decision makers would come to organization reviews and improvements the organization.  Let us focus on organization reviews “the application of social networks in the health domain has become increasingly prevalent. They are web-based technologies which bring together a group of people and health-care providers having in common health-related interests, who share text, image, video, and audio contents and interact with each other. This explains the increasing amount of attention paid to this topic by researchers who have investigated a variety of issues dealing with the specific applications in the health-care industry” (Pianes and Belfiore, 2021).  In today’s world consumers can go online to review what individuals wrote about an organization, technology truly has impacts on the success of any organization along with the opinion of their consumers

When it comes to improvements to organizations this includes types of services the “health care industry is creating a greater demand for changes in staffing. For example, there is research indicating that patient experience and patient satisfaction scores are enhanced by increased nurse staffing and an improved nursing environment.  In addition, clinical staffing shortages at community health centers, particularly in rural areas, have proved to be an obstacle in the drive toward population health, a major goal of most systems.  Accommodating these growing workforce-related pressures within the transforming health care industry has, in turn, induced a major change within the workforce solutions and staffing services sector of the health care industry” (Faller and Gogek, 2016).


Tommasina Pianese, & Patrizia Belfiore. (2021). Exploring the Social Networks’ Use in the Health-Care Industry: A Multi-Level Analysis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(7295), 7295. https://doi-org.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/10.3390/ijerph18147295

Faller, M., & Gogek, J. (2016). Health Care Evolution Is Driving Staffing Industry Transformation. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 40(4), 321–324. https://doi-org.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/10.1097/NAQ.0000000000000185

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a much more common practice today for receiving affordable health care services. As the cost of health care continues to rise in the United States, increased numbers of potential patients are flocking to other countries to receive affordable health care services. While medical tourism might affect the financial posterity of your health care organization, it too might be a reflection of an industry’s commitment to fostering increased access to affordable health care services. From your perspective as a current or future health care administration leader, is medical tourism a social good?

For this Discussion, reflect on the media pieces in this week’s resources, which highlight medical tourism. Consider the potential benefits and consequences of medical tourism from both a consumer and a health care administration leader’s perspective.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post an explanation of how the role of medical tourism might relate to social change. Be specific, and provide examples for both the consumer and the health care administration leader.


Continue the Discussion and respond to your colleagues’ posts (250 words or more), suggesting one challenge your colleague should consider in addressing medical tourism for his or her health care organization.


As a healthcare administrator, I will have to consider the potential physical and mental risks first of medical tourism for consumers. I have looked for enough evidence-based research to help me to decide that this would be a choice that I would recommend. However, I did not find what I was looking for to say that I would without reservation and good judgment recommend a client to fly to India or Costa Rica for major surgery. I understand that the cost is so much less for various surgeries and companies and clients can save tons of money (ABC News (Producer), 2013).

  I understand that this country’s expensive healthcare prices are driving patients and companies to participate in traveling outside of the country for medical procedures. “Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) put the price of a knee replacement in the U.S. at $48,000. Travel to India and the same operation will cost $8500, more than 80% cheaper. A heart bypass that costs $113,000 in the U.S. can be bought for just $3250 in Mexico, while operations in Malaysia are typically 65-80% cheaper” (Lunt, Smith, Exworthy, Green, Horsfall, & Mannion, 2011). So, I see that the cost of healthcare is causing many Americans to file bankruptcy and America pays too much for a healthcare system that is not working. Also, companies who are not at the Fortune 500 status would like to find a way to save money on employee benefits.

Therefore, I would say my thoughts on getting on board with this would be when another country has a life-saving procedure that cannot be performed in this country for various reasonings like a personal moral view of a political party in charge of stopping the legalization of a procedure, drug, or process such as the case was with stem cells years ago. I would give a patient the option to a life saving proven surgery that is only performed internationally. I would also highly work with insurance companies to offer an affordable international private medical insurance plan. This can work if it is a collaborative effort with policymakers, the healthcare industry, the airline industry, and companies.   


ABC News (Producer). (2013). US companies look to ‘medical tourism’ to cut costs

            [Video file]. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovdU5huFLDY

Lunt, N., Smith, R., Exworthy, M., Green, S., Horsfall, D., & Mannion, R. (2011). Medical

            tourism: Treatments, markets and Health system implications: A scoping review.

OECD. www.oecd.org/els/health-systems/48723982.pdf

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