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hello class

My argument is about Covid19 and how it’s taking over our ability to live a normal life. With that being said this Virus has hit us very hard for the past years and has made our lives unnormal as people would say. Things that we use to doing on a regular we can’t with caution. After a year passing and were living with this virus, we have come to wearing a mask as a fashion to protect the risk of spreading it. Doctors say taking the vaccine will keep you safe from catching the covid in 2020 when it was available to take, other’s say just build your immune system and you will be fine and don’t take the vaccine because it can be harmful and ain’t the time it wasn’t FDA approved and people were scared to get it. So the CDC says if you are 65 and over or at high risk of severe covid should get boosters if you already had the vaccine . This is my personal argument, I have Covid right now and took every precaution I could not catch it without getting vaccinated because I just don’t trust my personal opinion. My godfather had the vaccine for him and his wife and had it worst them me and was almost hospitalized on a ventilator. My argument was if you take it or not what are you gaining because having this shot or not having it is not protecting you and there are more vaccinated people today than unvaccinated.

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