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The case describes the company Rivian as being in three distinct market segments — adventure vehicles, electric vehicle parts wholesaler, and delivery vans.  The question is whether the company can commercialize all three of these segments or has the company spread itself too thin.  For this case, first draw from the concepts in Chapter 3 to characterize the types of innovations Rivian is pursuing and the likely technological stage of each technology.  Then, explain the implications of the type of technology and the technological stage for Rivian’s decision.  Then, based upon this information, make a recommendation for what action(s) Rivian should take and defend it. 


  • Submission must not exceed 1500 words, be no more than 3 pages in length, excluding the appendix.
  • Single-spaced and a font of 12 points, with normal margins.
  • Please save it as a word document file (either .doc or .docx format is fine) before posting.
  • APA Format with Bibliography

Recommended Outline for Case

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1. Introduction to the company, the problem it is facing and state your recommended action

2. Provide an analysis of each type of innovation and its stage in the technological directory.

3.  Explain the implications of the types and trajectory on the decision for Rivian.

4. Provide a clear recommended action for Rivian and explain how it will help the company.

5. Brief summary of the problem and your recommended action.  

MGMT 3700 – Fall2021

Section 1

Grading Rubric Case 1

Masterful/ SophisticatedCompetent/ ProficientNovice/ Needs ImprovementIncomplete
Intro & Conclusion· Focus· Controlling Idea· PurposeEngaging, rich, unified, and clear thesis for specific assignment purpose; sets up the rest of the writing in a deep and original manner.9-10 pointsCommon, sound understanding of the topic and assignment purpose; sets up the rest of the writing in a competent and standard manner.8 pointsLack of thesis development, clarity, and purpose; limited understanding of issues; illogical or confusing rambling about topic and assignment goals.7 pointsIncomplete0-6 points
Analysis of Types of Innovations and the Stages of Technological TrajectoryProvides a thorough analysis of the types of innovations and the stages of technological trajectory18-20 pointsProvides a reasonable analysis of the types of innovations and the stages of technological trajectory15-17 pointsAnalysis of external environment is missing, or is incorrect about, key dimensions in the types of innovations and the stages of technological trajectory11-14 pointsVery incomplete analysis0-10 points
Implication of Types and Trajectory for Rivian’s DecisionProvides insightful implications from these analyses for understanding the situation.27-30 pointsProvides reasonable implications from these analyses for understanding the situation.24-26 pointsProvides partial or incorrect implications from these analyses for understanding the situation.20-23 pointsProvides no implications from these analyses0-19 points
RecommendationsOffers insightful recommendations that are based upon the evidence provided and will likely greatly improve the situation for the company.27-30 pointsOffers good recommendations that draw from the evidence provided and will help the situation of the company.24-26 pointsOffers recommendations that do not draw from the evidence provided or will not likely help the situation of the company.20-23 pointsNo recommendations0-19 points
Development· Clarity and Flow· Organization· Tone· Spelling, Vocabulary & GrammarLogical flow and build, point-of-view and tone appropriate for topic and audience; elegant transitions and clarity of intent9-10 pointsFlow and build are mostly logical; point of view and tone are generic for topic and audience; standard transitions yet clear8 pointsOrganization, if evident, is confusing and disjointed; transitions are missing, inappropriate or illogical; unaware of audience or tone7 pointsIncomplete development0-6 points

Point Total on 100 point scale ____

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