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The instructions and PICOT topic of nursing options to use are in the files uploaded below.
APA 7TH edition throughout all citing and reference and headings must be included!

PICOT is an acronym used to help develop clinical research questions and guide you in your search for evidence: 

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Week 2 Clinical Issue And Research Questions Developed Using PICOT
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P = Patient population

I = Intervention or issue of interest

C = Comparison of interventions or comparison of interests

O = Outcome

T = Time frame

For example, you may wish to research the effects of interrupted sleep on cognition of ICU patients 65 or older.

Using this PICOT model, 

In _________(P), how does __________ (I) compared to _________ (C) influence _________ (O) over ________ (T)?

In ICU patients who are 65 or older, how does interrupted sleep (awakened one time or more in four hours) as compared to uninterrupted sleep influence the patient’s cognitive ability over 5 days?

Assignment Directions

Begin by selecting a  topic in nursing  that is of interest to you. Next, use PICOT to format possible research questions about that topic. Provide 3 possible PICOT research questions.

Include the following:

· Title page

· Provide a brief description of the topic and background information.

· Explain the significance of the topic to nursing practice.

· Provide 3 clearly stated PICOT questions. 

Your paper should: 

· Be 2–3 pages (not including the title page and reference page)

· Use current APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources.

The PICOT topics must be APPLICABLE TO NURSING, meaning that they involve a NURSING intervention. The prescription of medications is not a nursing intervention. PLEASE do not choose topics, such as medications, medical tests and procedures that nurses cannot influence.  Keep it simple; it will make this assignment and the week 6 assignment so much easier. Here are some potential PICOT topics:

Chlorhexidine for daily bathing of hospital patients (HAIs)

Bedside shift report vs. nurse’s station shift report (Communication/Handoff Report/Reduction of Medical Errors)

DVT prophylaxis – SCD’s vs. compression stockings (Joint Replacement)

Heat/cold, guided imagery, music therapy, or pet therapy for pain management (Chronic Pain)

Frequent mobility vs. bedrest for delirium management (Delirium)

Hourly rounding and fall prevention (Falls in Hospitalized Patients)

Early mobility and fall prevention or reduction in length of stay (Critical Care)

Sleep breaks for night nurses and quality of care (Patient and Nurse Satisfaction)

Wait times in the ER (Patient Satisfaction)

Pressure Reducing/Specialty Mattress (Pressure Ulcer)

Skin assessment tool (Pressure Ulcer risk reduction)

Heparin vs saline protocol (IV patency)

Rapid Response Teams (Cardiac Arrest prevention)

Daily huddles (prioritizing safety issues)

Debriefing after an emergency response to improve outcomes, team performance etc



Alarm Safety




Diabetes Management

Discharge Teaching


Health and wellbeing of nurses

Hospital readmission rates

Infection control


Prenatal teaching

Prevention of post-operative complications

Sleep disturbances


You get the idea!

Many students want to learn about exciting or current topics of interest in healthcare such as Covid or complex medical-focused topics and miss the overall goal of this assignment: to learn the steps of the EBP process that you will use in your clinical practice

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