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This week, you will submit your answers to the interview questions. The questions are based on fundamental networking concepts that are likely to be asked at an entry-level networking job interview. The following topics are covered:

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  • LAN topologies
  • OSI model and layers
  • networking devices
  • common protocols
  • IP ranges
  • class of network and default subnet mask
  • autonomous system

You will also need to include either an audio file along with your presentation or record a screen-capture video of the presentation. These presentation resources can help you prepare and record your presentation. Your presentation should be done as if you were in an actual interview. The presentation should be about five to 10 minutes.

8/27/2021 Presentation Resources

https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/umuc/tus/cmit/cmit265/2218/course-resource-list/presentation-resources.html?ou=614111# 1/7

Presentation Resources

Source: cnythzl, Getty Images

A narrated presentation is for a specific audience to which you would ideally present in

person or online in real time, but for practical reasons, you need to record for later


While Microsoft PowerPoint is considered the default presentation tool for presentations,

you may consider using other presentation platforms or tools. Just be sure the tool

supports prerecorded narration.

Preparing for Your Presentation

As with any project, it is good to begin by creating an outline. This will help you determine

how many slides you will need to develop and how much information you will need to

present on each slide. It should also help determine a logical order in which to present


Be sure to dedicate enough time to the narrated presentation to get the timing for

transitions right, and ensure that the sound is clear and the narration is at the right


Creating Slides

Course Resource

8/27/2021 Presentation Resources

https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/umuc/tus/cmit/cmit265/2218/course-resource-list/presentation-resources.html?ou=614111# 2/7

Source: cnythzl, Getty Images

A good



shares most of

the same traits

as a good live




should not be

an academic

paper cut into

text-filled slides.

You are giving a

talk to an

audience, so the

narrative should

provide most of

your ideas and


Be sure the

themes either

flow or


appropriately from slide to slide.

Here are some recommendations:

Keep slides uncluttered by using brief bullet points—only a few key words each.

An easy way to make your presentation look more appealing is to use one of the

designs provided within PowerPoint.

Adding images and/or clip art is another good way to add visual interest to your

presentation, but don’t overuse slide transitions or animations, as these can be


When you are citing sources of information on a slide, use a small font size so the

citations don’t detract from the primary points.

Be sure to proofread carefully: Any errors on a slide will be particularly noticeable

because of the relatively small number of words.

When you record audio for each slide, a loudspeaker icon will appear in the middle

8/27/2021 Presentation Resources

https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/umuc/tus/cmit/cmit265/2218/course-resource-list/presentation-resources.html?ou=614111# 3/7

Source: cnythzl, Getty Images

of the slide. You can drag this icon to a better position (often the bottom right corner

of the slide) so it doesn’t interfere with the text.

Writing the Script

The script for your presentation can be a complete word-for-word documentation of what

you intend to say as each slide is displayed, or it can be a much briefer set of notes to use

as a reminder while you are recording to ensure that you cover all the points. The latter

approach is preferable, because this makes it less likely that you will sound rushed or

overly scripted when speaking. Keep in mind that if you were making the presentation in

person, you would not want to be reading your comments; instead, you would want to

make eye contact with the audience.

8/27/2021 Presentation Resources

https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/umuc/tus/cmit/cmit265/2218/course-resource-list/presentation-resources.html?ou=614111# 4/7

Source: cnythzl, Getty Images

Here are some additional recommendations for your script:

Try to keep the amount of narration to less than two minutes per slide. If you need

to say more than that, create another slide so the audience doesn’t get bored.

Make sure the script and what appears on the slide are closely related so the

audience can easily follow what you have to say.

Don’t simply read the material on the slide—add value by providing additional


Recording the Narration

At this point, you have created and saved slides as a PowerPoint presentation, and you

8/27/2021 Presentation Resources

https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/umuc/tus/cmit/cmit265/2218/course-resource-list/presentation-resources.html?ou=614111# 5/7

Source: cnythzl, Getty Images

have the script ready. Now it’s time to record the audio.

Here are a few general recommendations before you record:

If you are using a computer to record, use a headset/microphone combination rather

than using the computer’s built-in speakers and microphone for better audio quality.

It isn’t necessary to spend a lot on a headset/mic (typically $20 or less), and you will

be rewarded with better sound quality and less background noise.

Make sure the headset/mic is installed and working. There are simple programs on

both Macs and PCs that allow you to test whether recording is occurring and

whether the sound quality is acceptable.

Choose a quiet location to record so that background noise is minimal.

8/27/2021 Presentation Resources

https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/umuc/tus/cmit/cmit265/2218/course-resource-list/presentation-resources.html?ou=614111# 6/7

Source: cnythzl, Getty Images

When you begin recording, speak clearly and conversationally without rushing.

Remember that it’s easy to redo the audio for a slide. If you’re not happy with the

way it sounds, you can do it again.

Once you have completed and narrated the presentation, it is a good idea to email

the file to another computer. If you are able to watch and listen to the slide show

successfully on the second computer, you will know that the audio files have been

successfully embedded in the presentation.

For Technical Support

Below are



instructions for

some common

tools for


Record a Slide

Show With

Narration and

Slide Timings in




Getting Started With Microsoft Sway (https://support.office.com/en-


8/27/2021 Presentation Resources

https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/umuc/tus/cmit/cmit265/2218/course-resource-list/presentation-resources.html?ou=614111# 7/7

If you have technical difficulties with using PowerPoint, contact the UMGC 360 Help

Desk, available 24/7 http://support.umgc.edu Phone: 1-888-360-UMUC (8682).

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Job Interview Presentation

Your Name: 

The interview will focus on networking fundamentals and consist of 10 questions. 




United States Cyber Command uses state-of-the art technology.  However, the fundamentals are as important as any innovative technology. Given that, what are the three basic local area network (LAN) topologies called?  

The national mission teams operate on all types of networks.  To defend a network, you must first understand the network design on which you are operating.  Provide a brief description of each of the following network topologies:  


Our employees must have a theoretical and applicable understanding of how networking works. Name each layer of the OSI model. Provide the layer number and name from top to bottom.  

Layer​OSI Layer Name​

Briefly describe each function of the OSI model layer.  Provide the layer name and the function in your response.


United States Cyber Command requires an internet service provider (ISP) to connect to the internet.  What is the point at which the operational control of ownership changes from the ISP to United States Cyber Command?  

Our teams operate and encounter all types of devices.  Provide a brief description of each of the following common network devices: 

Networking Device​Description​

The national mission teams require implementation of common protocols. Provide the port that each of the following protocols use:   


Provide the IP range for each network class:  

Note:  The question is asking for the class range, not the private IP range for each class.

Class A:

Class C:

Class B:

Provide the default subnet mask to the class of network: 

Class​Format​Default Subnet Mask​

Describe the purpose of an autonomous system.

Thank You!

Upload your PowerPoint and video to the Assignments folder to receive a grade and feedback.

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