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This week, we’ve been learning about early members of the genus Homo. We have already explored H. habilis in more detail — now I’d like you to choose another early member of our genus to explain.


  • Describe what is known about the adaptive strategies of early members of the Homo genus, including tool technologies, diet, migration patterns, and other behavioral trends.


Choose one of the following members of the genus HomoH. rudolfensisH. ergasterH. erectus. In an extended paragraph (approximately 200 words), answer the following prompt:

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Where did this hominin live? When? What kind of variability exists in the fossil record? Did they migrate anywhere? What kinds of tools did they use? Do you think they should be considered the same species as any other hominin we have studied this week? Why or why not?


Genus Homo paragraph

Genus Homo paragraph


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDating Methods ParagraphChooses one fossil hominin from the list above and thoroughly describes the record in an extended paragraph.

10 to >7.0 pts

Full Marks

Thoughtfully and thoroughly addresses all aspects of the question. Approximately 200 words.

7 to >0.0 pts

Partial credit

Does not address all aspects of the prompt, or is too brief.

0 pts

No Marks

Not submitted or off-topic

10 pts

Total Points: 10

Requirements: 20 minutes

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