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Step 1 The scenario:

You are an experienced, certified nurse working in an endoscopy lab. You have been asked to prepare a presentation for staff education days at your facility.

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Discussion Post
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Step 2 Select a digestive disorder for this discussion and, if necessary, research the clinical manifestations of the disorder.

Step 3 In your post, describe the alterations in digestive functioning associated with the disorder you have chosen. Be sure to cite all sources used and provide a reference using proper APA formatting.

RN to BSN Program

Syllabus: HIT420 9

Discussion Rubric

Criteria Ratings Points

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Content/ Comprehension

20 to >15.0 pts Excellent Post demonstrates depth of understanding of course content; Addresses discussion prompt completely; offers clear point of view and detail

15 to >10.0 pts Satisfactory Post demonstrates adequate depth of understanding, but does not address all of discussion prompt; point of view is somewhat unclear and detail is limited

10 to >0 pts Needs Improvement Post does not demonstrate depth of understanding of course content; Discussion prompt is minimally addressed; Point of view is unclear and detail is under- developed


This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Engagement/ Classroom Interaction (One to two response posts, please refer to the week’s discussion for specific requirements)

20 to >14.0 pts Excellent Submits required number of response posts; Responses extend the discussion by making connections, relating to others’ ideas and adding supporting detail

14 to >9.0 pts Satisfactory Submits required number or response posts; Some connections are made with relevant explanation and detail

9 to >0 pts Needs Improvement Responses are not submitted; Responses are generic, limited, do not extend the discussion or add detail


This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Timeliness

10 pts Excellent Submits initial post by deadline

4 pts Satisfactory Submits initial post one to three days late(after Wednesday)

0 pts Needs Improvement Submits initial post 4 days late(after Sunday)


This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Spelling/ Grammar/Mechanics

10 to >8.0 pts Excellent Posts have 0-1 spelling or grammatical errors; Properly cites work in APA format where required

8 to >5.0 pts Satisfactory Posts have 2-3 spelling or grammatical errors; Cites work in APA format where required with few errors

5 to >0 pts Needs Improvement Posts have 3 or more spelling or grammatical errors; Does not cite work where required


Total Points 60

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