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Refer to chapter 2 & 3



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CH 2 And 3 Assignment 1 Business Ethics
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Ch 2 The Role of Ethics in Decision Making

Describe the below terms;

1. Ethics and Society

2. Ethics and Government

3. Ethics and Morality

4. Ethics and Law

Two Systems of Ethics

5. Formalism

6. Consequentialism

7. Comparing the Two Ethical Systems

Sources of Values for Business Ethics

8. Legal Regulation

9. Professional Codes of Ethics

10. Organizational Codes of Ethics

11. Individual Values

Students’ answers will vary.

Achieving an Ethical Business Corporation

12. The Obstacles

Ch 3

Review Questions and Problems

1. Court

2. Jurors

3. Lawyers

Organization of the Court System

4. Subject Matter Jurisdiction

5. State Courts

6. Federal Courts

7. Decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court

The Power of Judicial Review

8. Judicial Restraint

9. Judicial Activism

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