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List three consequences to the affordable housing crisis and identify at least one social problem related.

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The consequences for the housing crisis in America are grave. Furthermore, the fact is that studies have shown that a significant percentage of Americans (perhaps most) will experience poverty at some point in their lives, even if only for a brief period (Marger, 2013). When this happens, a suddenly lost job or a marital rift can abruptly thrust these families into the distresses of poverty from which many escaped only a short time ago. The outcome, these people may have to move out to an area where they can afford the rent or worst case become homeless. A second consequence is that those that can afford rent may also need to depend on state welfare programs for nutrition and housing such as section 8 in California. A third consequence is being stuck in the cycle of poverty. Without the very basic needs for survival e.g. a roof and nutrition, a person in poverty has little options to get out of this vicious and unfortunate cycle. They may get a job; however, they may not make enough to pay for a roof and only for food. Or, they get sick, don’t have insurance, and end up losing their job and health, thus, losing their lively hood, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thoughts?




Marger, M. (2013). Social inequality: Patterns and processes (6th ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill

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Some of the negative impacts of the housing crisis is homelessness for families and individuals. Many families live in multi-family homes meaning that more than one family has to live there; families have to live with others to maintain in areas because they cannot afford to live on their own. Another negative possibility is overcrowding of towns and cities. Many families cannot afford to live in decent areas with safe affordable housing because there is nothing available, pushing many to overcrowded cities that does have affordable housing. Over time, we will notice that towns and cities are becoming over populated. Lastly, not having a decent home that is safe can play havoc on someones health overall. Not only can one’s living situation cause high levels of stress, if they are playing most of their earning to live, they may not be able to afford medical care or mental health care (The problem). Not only that but if the living conditions of the place they live are not up to par, this can have a negative outcome on health also. For instance, some homes can have black mold and the renter not even know it until they have major health issues from breathing in the toxins. These individuals and families who are in need of help may not receive it due to underfunding of community assistance programs, according to an article I read, 1 out of 4 families with very low-income will receive the help when they are in need of it (The problem).


The problem-National Low Income Housing Coalition. National Low Income Housing Coalition. (n.d.). https://nlihc.org/explore-issues/why-we-care/problem.

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