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As you review other students’ responses, ask yourself how similar or different they are from your response. What suggestions do you have for that person?

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Response: The person I admire at least academically is Logan. He has managed to push through a mountain of hurdles in order to achieve academic and personal success. He is characteristically competent and a self-starter. Logan is able to pick up any material and get a decent understanding of the subject prior to any practice. He is a self-starter. Not really needing any outside force to get started on what he wants or needs to do.

He and I are similar in the self-starting field. I seldom need a push to start working on something, especially if it is for professional or personal gain. What I envy most of him is his competency. Especially being able to sit through any subject, whether it piques his interest or not. I, unfortunately, lack that. In order for me to come anywhere close to that. I have to force myself to stay foccused and connected.

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