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Write a 4- to 5-page paper (1000 to 1375 words) in APA format and thoroughly address the prompts below. Provide a descriptive title or heading for your paper. Whenever possible, provide specific examples or recommendations. Be sure to cite all of your sources and include at least one outside source in this paper. [MO 4.1, MO 4.2, MO 4.3, MO 4.4, MO 4.5, MO 4.6, MO 4.7]

1. Describe a product or service idea you have for your international firm to expand into a new country market and analyze any potential competition in the host country.

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2. Identify your new host country market entry as import/export, licensing/franchising, outsourcing, or joint venture. Then, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen operation.

3. Discuss whether or not you would use foreign direct investing in the host country and why.

4. Communicate the host country’s governmental influence on trade including trade agreements and any possible restrictions that would affect your firm’s success there.

5. Provide details on working conditions and human rights in the host country.

6. Describe the products currently traded between the home and host country and any trade barriers between the two countries. Which trade theory best describes your new country market venture?

7. Explain how you would finance this new country market venture, including terms of repayment.

8. Suggest recommendations and implications for managers of international firms seeking to trade with this host country including any specific aspects that should be considered before expanding there.

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