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Part 1

For the last reflective task, you were asked to reflect on what your personal meaning or interpretation of the term “diversity” is.  For this specific reflection, you are to think about what your personal meaning was, think about what you have unpacked with regards to what the “textbook” or “research” definitions of diversity are and compare whether you were in line with that or not.  So, write a short comparison paper highlighting ways in which your initial definition was similar and different to the things you read or watched about diversity.  Finally, in your paper, include how, based on what you unpacked with regards to demographic shifts in America, you as an educator can ensure that you’re constantly thinking about the diversity in your classroom when working with children and families.

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Follow the following criteria to complete this reflection:

· Type your response on a Word Document

· On the upper left-hand corner, type your first and last name, your professor’s name, the course code and title (ECE-111: Society, Family, and Diversity), and the date.

· In the center of the paper, provide a title of your choice.

· Your actual response should be no fewer than 300 words, but no more than 500 words in length.  Points will be deducted for responses that do not meet these criteria.

· You are allowed to write in first person, as this is a personal reflection

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Part 2 Assignment

Identify any social problem and analyze it using the objective and subjective criteria in the first chapter of your textbook. Why does it qualify as a “social problem” as defined within sociology?

You should discuss the following points:

· What is the shared undesirable condition faced by people who have this problem? What must they face that other people don’t have to?

· Who are the people (the social group) who have this problem?

· By whom is the problem recognized as a problem? Are there others who deny that it is a problem?

Your submission should be a minimum of 700 words in length and should reflect consideration of course materials and previous lessons.

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