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Absolute certainty doesn’t exist.  Scientists speak of probability instead.  What we know for sure is constantly changing – which is why it’s important to see what’s true for you right now.  Find a quiet corner to reflect on the following statements.  You may either choose 2 to do an in-depth paragraph for 20 points each or do all 4 as you “scratch the surface” for 10 points each.

1. When life seems uncertain, you can stay centered by appreciating everyday “sure things”. Write a paragraph about the people, routines and small pleasures that make your life worthwhile.

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2. Finish these sentences in paragraph form. Include why, why not or any other information that makes sense to you.

           A.  When all else fails, I __________.

          B.  What I am most proud of in my life is __________.

          C.  I regret that I __________.

          D.  I’m glad I didn’t _________.

          E.  I would never __________.

3. There is an old song in the musical “Godspell”. The lyrics are:  Three things I pray/To see they more clearly/Love thee more dearly/Follow thee more nearly/Day by day….Think of your own life and in a paragraph, explain:  What would you like to see more clearly?  Love more dearly?  Follow more nearly?

4. In a paragraph, explain what you don’t know for sure from the personal to the cosmic. Which could you start exploring now?  How would that help you grow?

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