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Tobacco dependency threatens the health of many Americans and it poses a preventable burden to the health care system.

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Build on Assignment #1. You will cover the same health problem and the same policy unless I state otherwise.Some remedial action on Assignment #1 may be required for students to proceed to Assignment #2. Complete the assignment using the table format provided below. Except for titles, narrative format is expected with complete sentences. The table should be single spaced and a maximum of two and a half (2.5) pages. Also include a cover page and a reference page in APA Format (these do not count toward the page limit). Except in the case of titles, use complete sentences, i.e. write using narrative format. No more than 15% of direct quotes or paraphrasing are permitted in the document. Review the bolded text in the Class Guidelines section of the syllabus above for formatting requirements.

HGMT 310 Assignment #2
Student Name:Type your name here.
Assignment #2 Title:Provide a unique short name of your assignment submission and official title of the federal policy or legislation.
Implementation:Identify the federal (or state agency if the federal law places this on the states) and subunit (such as a department, bureau or office) responsible for implementing (putting it into effect) the policy. If multiple agencies are involved, indicate the roles and responsibilities of each.Describe how the legislation is implemented? Any programs implemented as a result of the policy or law? Are local public health departments involved? Are collaborating organizations engaged to achieve the aims of the policy? Are citizen’s involved? Are health provider organizations involved? Are grants awarded to organizations to execute the policy (i.e. FDA, CDC, etc.)?
Enforcement:What federal (or state agency if the federal law places this on the states) is responsible for enforcement? If multiple agencies are involved, indicate the roles and responsibilities of each.What are the key areas for enforcement? How will compliance be measured, if at all? What penalties will be assessed, if any?
Impact on Health Care Organizations:What should a Health Care Administrator know about this legislation and its related implementation? Does the implementation of this policy impact how Health Care Administrators deliver services? Include five bullets of how this federal legislation impacts health care organizations operating in your home state.  How would the Health Care Administrator ensure compliance?
Resource(s):What internet resources are available to health organizations to find updates on programs implemented as a result of the policy you described? 

The grading rubric for this assignment appears below if you opened the Assignment in the Assignment Folder. It can be opened by clicking on the ‘Written Assignment rubric”  tab in the lower right corner of the screen if you opened the Assignment in Content.



Health Problem



Health problem

Tobacco dependency threatens the health of many Americans and it poses a preventable burden to the health care system
Student’s name
Assignment titleTobacco dependency among Americans.Public health cigarette smoking act of 1969.
Health problemTobacco products are highly addictive. Research shows that approximately 50 million people in America are addicted to tobacco products. Millions of people make decisions to quit the use of tobacco but like any other addiction, this is not easy (CDC, 2021). Research also shows that tobacco users die 10 years earlier than those who do not use tobacco. Almost 480,000 people die every year in America from the use of tobacco with 41, 000 of these deaths resulting from passive exposure (CDC, 2021). This problem affects not only the patient’s health but also their economic status. Tobacco products are highly and maintaining this addiction is expensive. Additionally, while trying to quit this dependence, the withdrawal symptoms are also difficult to treat (Eaton et al, 2018). Nicotine dependency causes other chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. These diseases are expensive to treat and increase the cost of healthcare. This affects healthcare organizations, healthcare insurers, and the government as more money has to be set aside to treat these chronic illnesses (Eaton et al, 2018).
Healthy people 2020Tobacco dependency is one of the topics recognized by Healthy People 2020. One of the goals of Healthy People 2020 is to reduce illnesses, disability, and deaths that result from tobacco use and passive exposure (Healthy People, 2020). This problem fits within the Healthy People 2020 framework of ending the epidemic of tobacco use (Healthy People, 2020). This health issue is impacted by various social determiners of health such as race. Research shows that tobacco usage among African Americans is almost three times the rate of usage among whites. Another agency that describes the problem is the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. The CDC describes this problem as the leading cause of preventable diseases, disabilities and deaths (CDC, 2021).
Official title and citation of the legislationThe Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 (U.S Food and Drug Administration, 2020).
StatusThe current status of the federal legislation in the health policy cycle is implementation. This legislation fits in this stage because it was signed into law in 2009 and this means that all the measures and restrictions in the policy are already being implemented.
Analysis of the public policy responseThis legislation addresses the issues of marketing and sale of tobacco products as well as proper labeling of tobacco products. The legislation also requires that the ingredients in tobacco products are disclosed. These provisions are meant to address this health problem by ensuring that the products are not sold to minors and that only few packages are sold to an individual.
Policy and social determinants of healthThe policy addresses the access to social determinants of health. One of the social determiners of health is polluted air and by restricting the ingredients used in tobacco products, the policy prevents harmful substances from being releases into the air.
ConclusionIn my opinion, the legislation addresses the identified health problem of tobacco dependence by regulating marketing and sale of the products. It also regulates nicotine levels in tobacco products which helps to reduce the effects of tobacco.
Resources for updatesA health organization can check for updates on this legislation in the U.S Food and Drug Administration website.


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