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1. What item must be worn in the lab at all times, and why?

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2. What should you do if a chemical spill occurs at your workstation? What should you do if the fire alarm sounds? (Be specific).

3. What should you do with your equipment after you have used it in an experiment? What should you do with broken glassware? How do you clean up broken glassware?  

4. What must you have done before coming to lab? Why is this important? Before using any chemical substance, what should you do? Why?  

5. What kinds of clothes are not allowed in lab? Explain why they must not be worn.  

6. Where should you put backpacks, coats, and other bulky items? Why? What items should you have with you at your workstation or lab bench?  

7. What is the proper way to dispose of chemicals at the end of each experiment?

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