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 Answers must be 100% completely original, with no plagiarism. One to two paragraphs only (complete thought) Cite source under each discussion question. 

Discussion 1:

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Top executives and members of a corporation’s board of directors have different roles and responsibilities. Traditionally, executives have been responsible for determining the firm’s strategic direction and implementing strategies to achieve it, whereas the board of directors has been responsible for monitoring and controlling managerial decisions and actions. Some argue that boards should become more involved with the formulation of a firm’s strategies.

  • How would the board’s increased involvement in the selection of strategies affect a firm’s strategic competitiveness?
  • What evidence would you offer to support their position?

Discussion 2: 

As addressed in the readings, technology has the potential to both solve global social problems and make them worse. For example, technological devices that can interact with the environment have the potential to reduce world hunger by helping to increase food production in developing countries. However, some technological advancements—such as weapons of war and automated assembly lines—can threaten life through armed conflict, pollution of the environment, and increased poverty through eliminated jobs.

  • Do advancements in technology pose any direct and/or indirect threats to the global environment? Choose one advancement and provide two examples of direct or indirect threats in your explanation.

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