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Imagine that you are the lead investigator in a missing child case. The case involves a teenage girl who is around 14 years of age. Your captain has requested that you present the current status of the case to him and others within your department. Based on information retrieved from social media and texts from the girl’s phone, you have determined that she ran away from home to meet someone she had been talking with online.

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You will create a PowerPoint presentation in which you will discuss the criteria below:

1. Explain how social media and texts from the girl’s phone were used to make this determination as well as the process you had to go through in order to obtain this information.

2. Describe methods that you will use to obtain help from the public in locating the girl.

Your presentation must be at least 10 slides in length , not counting the title and references slides. You must use at least two resources in this presentation. One of these can be your textbook, and the other must be a scholarly resource found in the CSU Online Library. Please reach out to a librarian if you have any trouble finding resources. All resources used must be cited and referenced properly using APA style.

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