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How did the Time Management tool you chose help you be more effective, less overwhelmed in your job, school work, and/or life? What do you think it’s best to manage school, work, personal life at the same time?

  • Please submit a 3 page paper sharing your experiences using the time management tool Todoist.  How did it improve and balance your work and learning experience as a full-time student and a full-time worker? (Hint: set up different tasks and deadlines in detail on the calendar, etc.)
  • Did you see any benefits to using this tool in your personal life? 

You must address each of the following items:

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Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)
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  • Identify the two courses currently taken (on cover page): 1)Accounting for Decision Making; 2)Ethical Leadership
  • Provide the title of the position at work/internship (on cover page): Technical Professional – Environmental Engineering
  • Provide the name of the Time Management tool you chose: Todoist
  • Share your experience using the tool for the first time and how it improved your internship/job experience, your school deliverables, and your personal life balance.  Did you see a difference? What would you do differently next time?

Only original work is accepted

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