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Respond to your peer’s post, you should aim to keep the discussion going by examining the ideas shared. Is there anything that you can add about what one can do to further improve in this area of life?


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Peer Response 2
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Hello, my name is Michael Ganey-Diaz. I was born at Edward’s Air Force base and descend (at least on my mother’s side) from a military family that traces its service to the country since the Civil War where the first service members fought for the Union in the old New York cavalry regiments. Currently, at the moment my wife and I are in Virginia where she is finishing her last military contract before going to medical school. I am a prior service army veteran currently working as a professional driver for the company US Xpress. When I am home my hobbies range from playing the piano as I have been since I was 5 years old, playing the guitar, reading books, playing with our family dog, cooking, swimming, and playing golf.

I’m not really sure what I can use critical thinking on at this moment. But I hope to have a solution to this question as we go forward in the coming weeks. Here’s what I do know: I am rarely ever uncertain, know what I want, and don’t do anything unless I am completely certain or about 85% of my choice.

A pleasure to meet you all.


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