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· Respond to your peer’s post, you should aim to keep the discussion going by examining the ideas shared. Is there anything that you can add about what one can do to further improve in this area of life?


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Peer Response 1
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Ciao class!

My name is Brent, and I am currently living in Italy with my wife Brittan and my 1-year-old son Ledger. One of my hobbies is traveling and living in Italy has made it a lot easier and cheaper than you would think. If anyone is interested in some cheap websites to get around Europe, please let me know. I could pass along some things I’ve learned along the way. Other hobbies include playing/watching sports. Being from Missouri, I’ve been lucky with my sports teams Chief and Blues have finally become good after years of pain and suffering. My career aspiration is to retire from the military and become a high school teacher. I’ve learned a lot from my travels and the different types of people I’ve met and would love to pass that on to the younger generation to help them start their lives after school.

An area in my life that could be enhanced by critical thinking is planning out where my 1-year-old and soon-to-be newborn baby sleep. I live in a 3-bedroom house, so that the simple answer would be each kid per room, but the issue I run into is we have a guest room set up. Houses are much smaller over on this side of the world, and a spare bedroom is important to our family as we have a guest stay long periods of time. So, the decision I have to make is do I put a 1-year-old in the same room as a newborn and risk their sleep schedules not matching or find a way to fix up my attic and turn it into a spare bedroom.

– Brent

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