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Preparing for the LSSGB Exam

Note: You must complete an attempt at the Comprehensive Mock Exam prior to posting in this discussion board.

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To be successful on the LSSGB exam it is imperative that you invest adequate time taking (and retaking) the mock exams until you understand the exam questions and how to correctly respond based on the information provided. The mock exam questions follow the same format as the actual exam, and with similar questions. By replicating the exam environment, you should be able to gauge your level of preparation while becoming comfortable with the exam content and time management. 

For your initial post in the discussion forum, review the Comprehensive Quiz in Module 7, and address the following:

A. Briefly reflect on your areas of strength and weakness as revealed by the mock exam results.

B. Describe how you plan to shore up your areas of weakness before taking the actual exam.

C. What exam preparation strategies seem appropriate for your personal learning preferences?

D. Identify any questions or concerns you have about the exam.

Then, respond to at least two of your peers with suggestions or tips that seem applicable to the areas they are struggling with or questions they have identified, and address the following:

· Do you feel prepared for the exam and how did you achieve your perceived level of preparedness?

· Suggest an alternative study strategy for your peers and justify why you believe it to be a viable alternative.

To successfully complete this assignment, view the  Discussion Rubric document.

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