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Dr. Chapman and Class,

The stratification which has the most power, I feel confident in saying, is class. Although stratification due to gender and race are very real in America, the upper class and power elite are those who have the most ability to influence the behaviors and circumstances of others. For example, the upper class, i.e. capitalist class, are Industrialists and entrepreneurs who own capital, that is, shares in companies, which typically grow in value over time and produce income in the form of dividends (Marger, 2013). With this comes wealth and its privileges such as the ability to partake in and enjoy everything that society offers in the way of material things; and it is in that sense that money can buy almost anything (Marger, 2013). With this wealth comes privilege and with it comes things like a prestigious education and in many cases a foot in the door to the political realm due to their wealth and influence amongst the power elite.

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To examine the wealthy in the United States (or any other country, for that matter) is almost implicitly to examine the powerful as well; since societal power, broadly defined, is exercised by those in critical decision-making positions (Marger, 2013). Together, within various economic, political, and social organizations, the power elite has a wide-ranging impact on society thus bringing change to societal institutions that maintain systems of stratification inhering in them. The Civil Rights movement is an instance where those with and without power came together to bring about change. Thoughts?




Marger, M. (2013). Social inequality: Patterns and processes (6th ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill Education

Hi professor and class,

In stratification, class applies to individuals of high, middle or low economic ability. Social class refers to members of society with varying access to resources and power. Compared to gender and race, class is most powerful because with an increased access to societal resources, one is empowered to influence economic decisions and command authority and influence. Moreover, they can easily manipulate social, political and economic avenues to quests that suit their interests (Baum, 2019). On the other hand, race only applies to specific groups in society and the social beliefs and attitudes towards diversity. Therefore, it may apply in where laws favor a specific group and fail in societies where equality is embraced. The issue of gender has significantly changed in the modern world due to the empowerment of the female gender and the increased policies that favor equality and feminism.


Baum, R. C. (2019). On political modernity: stratification and the generation of societal power. In Perspectives on Modernization (pp. 22-49). University of Toronto Press.


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