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Purpose of the Assessment

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This assignment has been designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the underlying importance and application of marketing concepts to benefit a given organisation.

“….positioning and segmentation are distinct parts of the [marketing] strategy and provide us with some extremely powerful tools; but ultimately they are linked by the central issue of focusing on satisfying customer’s needs in ways that are superior to competitors” (Hooley et al, 2012 p183)*.

* Hooley et al (2012) Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning. 5th ed. Harlow Pearson.

By reference to academic literature, explore, evaluate, and critique, the concept of Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning (STP). Use appropriate industry examples

Failure to do so will be penalized by reduction of the grade by 10%.

The work will be submitted in essay format and should be 2,400 words, +/- 10% (excluding Executive Summary, Contents page, titles and references list).  University policy regarding the presentation of references must be followed.   Word limits will be in line with Assessment and Feedback policy, which states that where the submission exceeds the stipulated word limit by more than 10%, the submission will only be marked up to and including the additional 10%. Anything over this will not be included in the final grade for the assessment. Abstract, Executive Summary, Bibliography, Reference list, Appendices and Footnotes are excluded from any word limit requirements.

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