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Student 1

Throughout this course, I have learned a wow about myself and how I really think about Franciscan and the value of education for truth and service. As I think about the question at hand, what does being educated for the truth and service mean to me I think a lot about my future career path as a nurse and hopefully one day to become a nurse practitioner and a mother and a wife. There is a lot to consider when we think about truth and service as future medical professionals. As I take a moment to reflect on my personal path of service, I think about how as a future nurse, I can service those who have not been as privileges I when it comes to health and other aspects of life, it is important we take in the value of compassion and realize that this comes from the meaning of those who suffer with. When we see those suffering, we must take compassion and empathy as we could be in their shoes. We take care of them in this precious way of service and giving them gratitude to help them succeed in life and hopefully become healthier. As I make the distinctive connections of how my life choices and my professional choices come together, I can think about the concepts of compassion and service. When I was in 8th grade, my grandmother suffered an aortic aneurysm and almost passed away. As I sat there and prayed to God, I thought about everyone surrounding me. I really felt that those servicing me, such as God, the nurses, and surgeons, led me to my career path. These choices that I have made not only made me a stronger person but more compassionate. Throughout this course, there was information that stood out to me the mouse, which would have to be anything from the Dalai Lama. I feel as though the Dalai Lama is a significant pathway in our course of achieving peace and learning how to have common human dignity for others, which brings the world to a center of happiness and the entire existence itself. This course has allowed me to challenge myself in deep in my thought process on how God reflects throughout our lives and how we can really take into account the different values, such as compassion and solidarity, human dignity, justice, and peace. As I think about my own distinctive gift to others, I think that the gift I have been given from God is my ability to become empathic and caring without fault. Having a big heart has impacted me in many ways. However, those around me have always benefited from it, and I feel as though it is my gift to others because I have been so blessed and privileged in this life to feel my compassion and peace and see my true ways of human dignity. There are a variety of things that I will carry from this class, such as how to care more for others and take into account that not everyone is as blessed as you are. This class has taught me about a variety of religions that I did not really think about before. I can now envision and sympathize with those of other religions that benefit me and benefit the greater peace within the world. This class gave me knowledge that I will always remember and cherish in times of hardship and joy.

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Student 2

This course has discussed many things that have quite a bit of common with this module and the discussions in the readings. One of the first points that stood out to me was from the Concept of Social Service in Islam, was the idea that there is a significant belief that caring for others and providing service to others is equivalent to serving God (CPS International, n.d.). This is a similar to ideals in Christianity, in particular, when Jesus calls on us to care for the sick, visit the imprisoned, feed the hungry and provide service to those that are vulnerable or needy (Matthew: 36-37). I thought the fact that these principles were so similar across Islam and Christianity, as it seems to me that many people see a sharp divide between the two religions. This also seems to have some relation to our studies earlier in the course about the value and origin of human dignity. As we are called to support and defend human dignity, due to our creation in the image of God, it is in line with this concept due to the values that are considered necessary to preserve human dignity

Going into the nursing profession, it is incredibly important for all aspiring nurses to be well-versed in all the acts of service in the book of Matthew (36-37). However, the most important of those skills and by far the most relevant to the profession is the service is caring for the ill. There are many ways to show care for the ill in and out of a medical setting. I believe my strongest gift in this area is to provide emotional support and comfort to those that are in one of the worst points of their life through listening to concerns, patience and providing the ill individual with all that they need to heal and remain comfortable. A concept that I believe will help me remember to practice this value is one that I mentioned above, the rights required to maintain human dignity. I believe it is a nurse’s duty to defend the dignity of patients, especially when they cannot do it themselves

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