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Please look at the attachment for direction there is five assignment to be done. 

No Plagiarism Please look at the directions for each assignment

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Homework Part 2
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Assignment 2 Summary

Top of Form

Provide a summary of chapter seven. In your review, make sure you include a response to the following questions:

How did the domestic slave trade and the exploitation of black women by white males affect slave families?

How did urban and industrial slavery differ from plantation slavery in the Old South?

What impact did housing, nutrition, and disease have on the lives of slaves?

How did black Christianity differ from white Christianity in the Old South? How did black Christianity in the South differ from black Christianity in the North?

Assignment 3

In two to three pages as part of the summary, explain how the history of the Civil War and Reconstruction can give context to the issues we are facing today.

Assignment 4

After reading chapters 12 and 13, respond to the following questions:

How and why did the agricultural and mechanical training that Hampton Institute and Tuskegee Institute offered gain so much support among both black and white people? why did black colleges and universities emphasize learning trades and acquiring skills?

How did middle-class and prosperous black people try to contribute to the progress for their race? Were there efforts effective?

How did middle-class black women contribute to the advancement of African Americans?

What were the reasons for the widespread outbreak of race riots during the first quarter of the twentieth century?

Explain why African Americans began to leave the rural South in the early twentieth century, and describe the types of lives they made for themselves in urban communities?

Assignment 5

Write a summary of the Chapter 16. In your review, explain why the literary and artistic movement known as the Harlem Renaissance emerge? How did it advance the culture of the African American community?

Assignment 6

Write a combined 3 to 4 pages review of the articles and chapters 19 and 20. In your review, explain how the Civil Rights Movement develop and progressed in the 1960s? What risk were the leaders taking in engaging in civil disobedience? Lastly, in your opinion, do you think we need a second Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.?

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