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Please read the article:”Drawing Ethical Boundaries” by Jeannette Chalcraft.

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Ethical Boundaries In Data Analytics
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In this article, Chalcraft mentions that data analytics can help organizations understand what happened, why it happened, what may happen, and how to respond to what is expected to happen. As a result, data analytics has become a powerful tool that can help organizations improve their predictive power and possibly augment their competitive advantage.

However, Chalcraft explains that there are some ethical issues that organizations need to consider, as well as the need to define ethical boundaries.

Based on what you have read about Peter Drucker and Management as a Liberal Art (MLA), how do the arguments made by Chalcraft align with Drucker’s vision of MLA? Are there any aspects of MLA that seem to emerge in the Chalcraft article ?


· This is a formal assignment with a minimum of 200-250 words.

·  It should include at least one reference from relevant peer-reviewed journal articles and/or books found within the online LIRN library or other reputable sources (peer-reviewed journal articles and/or published books). 

· These must be properly cited in APA 7th Edition format. Please be sure to avoid plagiarism by citing within your text and in a reference section at the bottom of your post (these should match). Paraphrase or use quote marks if sharing exact words.

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