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 Please refer to the attachment there are two assignments. 

Assignment 1

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Diversity Self Reflection
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For this task, you are to reflect on what your personal meaning or interpretation of the term “diversity” is.  What does this word mean to you?  How do you think this word applies to the society in which you live in?  How do you think this word relates to working in a classroom?

Follow the following criteria to complete this reflection:

· Type your response on a Word Document

· On the upper left-hand corner, type your first and last name, your professor’s name, the course code and title (ECE-111: Society, Family, and Diversity), and the date.

· In the center of the paper, provide a title of your choice.

· Your actual response should be no fewer than 300 words, but no more than 500 words in length.  Points will be deducted for responses that do not meet these criteria.

· You are allowed to write in first person, as this is a personal reflection

· You are not allowed to search for the definition or academic meaning of diversity.  The purpose of this paper is to later see if your initial meaning and interpretation of the term changes after unpacking some of the course material.  Therefore, researching the meaning of diversity and using that to guide the response for this task would be meaningless.

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Assignment 2

  Write a 600 to 750 word summary explain the following:

· What commodities were traded among the various regions of Africa?

· How did slavery develop in Africa? How did it compare to slavery in European communities?

· How did the Atlantic slave trade develop and how did it reflect the times?

· What was significant about the Olaudah Equiano story? What did his story provide to our understanding of slavery?

· How did enslaved Africans resist their captures?

· What does the rules and regulation on slaves tells us about the society in the Americas?

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