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**Use proper APA citation throughout your paper. When in doubt, contact me or the WLC.

Your paper should be 6-10 pages, double-spaced, not including references. Use the headings provided in the chart below and ensure each section of your paper answers the section points and questions.

Introduction· Situate your topic – ex. make a general statement about your topic that grabs the reader’s interest, or use a quote or statistic (hook)· Explain why and how you thought about pursuing your topic· Ask a research question to focus your paper. What do you want to find out from your research? You may or may not include this question in your paper.· After doing some research, answer your research question in the form of an argument with three parts.Be sure to explain why your topic is important. This is your thesis.
Literature ReviewTheoryDiscuss at least three other sources related to your topic, including:· Define the concept or theoretical perspective you are using· Which other research articles similar to your topic have used it, and for what purposes?· Write a paragraph or two about any research related to your sociological dimension and area of pop culture.
Results/Findings/ Main Arguments· Explain the three major parts of your thesis supported with examples from your sources, or the item of popular culture itself.(in the final paper write at least 2 paragraphs for each part.)· Include pictures, graphs or diagrams that might illustrate your points· Support your ideas with quotes from your sources, including material from your item of study
Discussion· Your interpretation – what do your results really mean?· How well were you able to support your argument with research?· Are there any other explanations/ counterarguments about your topic?· Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?
Problems/Counterarguments· Did you have any problems researching your topic (ex. not enough information, information difficult to understand)?· Can you suggest any additional areas for research or any improvements to the studies you looked at?
Conclusion· Summarize the three main components of your topic· Does your research point to any conclusions?· Does your data suggest any directions that you would like to pursue within your topic?· Are there other topics related to your research that should be pursued?· Remind your reader: Why and to whom is your topic important?
References6-10 references, APA style throughout, including the 3 studies mentioned above as well as other articles

Feed back from professor or must be followed

Interesting topic. Some points: 1) Please state your thesis as an argument. I think that I see an effort to do this, but, greater clarity is required. Clearer writing in the research question as well, please. 2) The literature review requires better developed notes, as well as proper references for all of your sources. 3) The Discussion section could be improved by connecting it to a more sharply-formed argument in your thesis statement.

Question of the assignment


IntroductionResearch Question:Thesis with 3 parts:An analysis of inequality with females in Film industry from feminist perspective.Does women get equal respect as men or are they just an object of entertainment. Is the film industry promoting stereotypical thinking or reality?In the present time, the film industry grows day by day with a high pace but most of the films have the same stories based on the structural gender roles or stereotype thinking.· The film industry conveyed a social inequality.· The film industry portrayed a relied state of women on men however nowadays women earn same as men. But according to film industry the stereotypical role of a women is to do household chores, care for the children and can not have a life of her own..· Dark side of film industry women supposed to go through sexual harassment in the beginning of their carrier.
Literature Review&TheoryTheory or concept:Similar Research studies:1. Gendered inequality regimes and female labour market disadvantage within the New Zealand film industry (HANDY, J., & ROWLANDS, L. (2014). This study is focused on stereotypical role of women.2. 2. The realities of “reel” life: Representation and portrayals of gender, sexuality, and sexually transgressive behaviour in the Hindi film industry in the 21st Century. (Mehta, M. (2019). This study tells the dark side of film industry how women sexually harassed.3. Sexual Harassment in the Creative Industries: Tolerance, Culture and the Need for Change. Gender, Work & Organization (Hennekam, S., & Bennett, D. (2017). This study depicts on women should be get equal respect and never compromise with self respect for a boom in their carrier.
Results/Findings/ Main Arguments1 “On the one hand, Hollywood purports to be an industry made up of progressive, open-minded artists who publicly condemn racism and support diversity. On the other hand, it is one of the most powerful and flagrant (even if unconscious) perpetuators of racism through exclusionary and stereotyped storytelling and casting practices” (Serna, L. I., & Herndon, S. (2020), p.3).2. “Stereotypes, however, reduce a person’s identity to these few traits, exaggerating and simplifying them to the point that any change or development becomes almost impossible.” (Antoniou, A., & Akrivos, D. (2020), p.3).3. “Although women were responsible for a number of commercial television’s successful early drama series” () Hallam, J. (2007, p4).Main argument – the impact of stereotype thinking on women, their progress, sacrifice. And this thinking also makes the opportunity limited.
DiscussionIn my research I will highlight the dark side of the film industry. The depressed state of women. The structural racism with females. Most of the women finished their carrier in film industry as a actress, as well as, the working time is shorter as compared to men. Lastly, I will also be mentioned solutions for this hurdle for women.
Counter Arguments or alternative explanations(with the research, not your topic!)The desire of actresses to get easy and fast success. For example, some people specially, women want to achieve success like elevator, not stairs to get goal.
ConclusionTo conclude, the stereotyping also thinking a reason of crime in film industry. Because many actress sacrifice a lot to achieve success and survive in the industry .This information can not be acquired easily. Only because of those victims who rose their power against stereotypical thinking. In term paper I will discuss briefly.
References1. HANDY, J., & ROWLANDS, L. (2014). Gendered inequality regimes and female labour market disadvantage within the New Zealand film industry. Women’s Studies Journal28(2), 24–38.http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=100357462&site=eds-live&scope=site.2. Mehta, M. (2019). The realities of “reel” life: Representation and portrayals of gender, sexuality, and sexually transgressive behaviour in the Hindi film industry in the 21st Century. South Asian Popular Culture17(3), 305–317. https://doi.org/10.1080/14746689.2019.16735423)Hennekam, S., & Bennett, D. (2017). Sexual Harassment in the Creative Industries: Tolerance, Culture and the Need for Change. Gender, Work & Organization24(4), 417–434. https://doi.org/10.1111/gwao.121764)Serna, L. I., & Herndon, S. (2020). Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism by Nancy Wang Yuen (review). JCMS: Journal of Cinema & Media Studies59(2), 170–174.5) Antoniou, A., & Akrivos, D. (2020). Gender Portrayals in Advertising: Stereotypes, Inclusive Marketing and Regulation. Journal of Media Law12(1), 78–115.<http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=edshol&AN=edshol.hein.journals.joomaw12.6&site=eds-live&scope=site>.6) Hallam, J. (2007). Independent Women: Creating TV Drama in the UK in the 1990s. Critical Studies in Television2(1), 18–34.

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