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I have attached the outline to work from. Each section should be half a page to a whole page. This is for an HR management class. I will list some points from my textbook that can be added to the thesis. 

“Traning can indeed help an organization accomplish its goals (p. 263).

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Training Strategies
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“Training focused on individual performance and capability should lead to enhanced skills, greater ability to adapt and innovate, better self-management, and performance improvement (p. 266)

“Training can also affect organizational competitiveness by boosting the attractiveness of employers and increasing the engagement and retention of workers” (p. 266)

I will cite my textbook so don’t worry about that, just keep the page numbers please. Also, use scholarly resources. 

Training Strategies

I. Training Strategies

A. Thesis Statement (Coleen Lee)

1. An analysis of training strategies reveals the importance to human resources in addition, the pros and cons that impact organizational growth.

II. The Importance of Training (Coleen Lee)

A. Training vs no training

1. “When an employee first starts at a company, they may receive on-the-job training that will help them learn what is expected of them as well as the job skills necessary for their new position” (5 Most Common Types of Workplace Violence (And How to Prevent Them from Happening) 2021). With no training, the employee is not sure of the expectations or how to do their job properly, therefore the employer can expect low job performance with no fault of the employee.

B. Impacts to the organization

2. Effectively training employees helps to improve on their job skills and helps employers to enhance employee productivity. Effective training also helps to reduce employee turnover. “Employees who get regular opportunities to learn, develop, and advance are more likely to stay with a company” (Importance of Training and Development for Employees 2021).

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