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 Petition for Reinstatement from Academic Dismissal

It is the policy of Columbia Southern University that a committee designated to review all requests for reinstatement follow a strict criteria in making their decisions. A formal letter should be prepared explaining the circumstances that led to substandard academic performance, which must be validated by supporting documentation. Examples of supporting documentation may include—but are not limited to—a physician’s letter, medical documents, job change orders, moves orders, and lease agreements. Requests submitted without supporting documentation will not be considered. The committee wishes to understand the events that occurred during the time you were academically struggling to make an informed, fair decision. The selection of documentation to submit will be at your discretion, as you are most knowledgeable of the applicable events. Your privacy is priority; only the necessary CSU administration will be privy to your reinstatement request and documentation. Also, a written plan of action for future academic success is required. The committee would like to see a proposed timeline of how much time a day, week, etc. that you have etched out for academics and how you will approach your studies differently. Be detailed; describe your daily and weekly routine and how academic studies will fit in that routine if reinstatement is approved.

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Petition For Reinstatement
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A complete request will include the following:

· Petition for Reinstatement Form

· Formal Letter

· Supporting Documentation

· Plan of Action

In  Petition for Reinstatement please included the lost of my parents in 2010 and 2012

My work load increase prevent me from doing my school and studying.

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