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Written Assignment 1- Assessment of the current situation at a health services organization – worth 15% of the grade

Task – You will be picking and analyzing a current health services organization in terms of its current situation and focus on its customers.  Remember to follow all the general requirements for written assignments published in the syllabus as well as the details below.  Refer to the grading rubric in the syllabus before submitting your paper to ensure you have given yourself the best opportunity for maximum credit.  

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Approach your written assignment as follows: 

1. Pick a health services organization that you may work for or with which you are familiar.  It can be a local or national organization. 

2. Research the organization by visiting its website and, if possible, its location. 

3. Research the industry in which your organization operates, e.g. nursing homes, private physician practice.

4. Using your findings, conduct a SWOT analysis of your organization. Use the SWOT Analysis Worksheet provided under Course Content

5. Conduct a competitive analysis of your organization.  Use the Competitive Analysis Worksheet provided under Course Content.  

Prepare your written assignment by addressing each of the following questions in order: 

1. What is the mission of the health care organization?

2. What are their corporate level goals?

3. Who are their customers?

4. From your SWOT analysis, what do you conclude are the organization’s main strengths and weaknesses?

5. From your SWOT analysis, what do you conclude are the organization’s main opportunities and threats?

6. Who are the primary competitors to the organization? 

7. Do you think the organization has a customer-focused orientation to its practices and procedures?  Why or why not? 

NOTE:  You will not find definitive information on your organization relating to these questions, some of the information is propriety or not available through public means.  Use and cite data whenever you find it, or use your best judgment as to what you think is occurring at the organization.  Be sure to offer your rationale for your conclusions. 

Be sure to ask your faculty member any questions or concerns you may have prior to preparing your written assignment.

The grading rubric for this assignment appears below, if you opened the Assignment in the Assignment Folder, or can be opened by clicking on the ‘Written Assignment Rubric’ tab in the lower right corner of the screen, if you opened the Assignment in Content.



1. demonstrates a high degree of critical thinking, is consistent in accurately interpreting questions & material; provides solid assumptions, reasoning & claims; provides thorough analysis & evaluation with sound conclusions-35 points

2. 35 points-arguments or positions are well-supported with evidence from the readings/experience; ideas go beyond the course material and recognize implications and extensions of the material and concepts

3. 15 points-demonstrated full understanding of requirements; responded to each aspect of assignment

4. 15 points-writing is clear and easy to follow; grammar and spelling are all correct; formatting gives a professional look and adds to readability, no APA style errors

Marketing Program

SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Directions: Carefully read the case study and note every strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. Don’t forget to look at the exhibits and charts; these can point out important information for your SWOT analysis. You don’t need to fill in every cell in the tables, although some cells may have several entries. You may need to conduct additional research on the industry, the economic climate, and other topics to fully understand the environment in which the company operates.

Internal Micro Environmental FactorThese are strengths; they will help the marketing effortThese are weaknesses; they will hinder the marketing effort
a. Company
b. Suppliers
c. Intermediaries
d. Competitors
e. Publics
f. Customers
External Macro Environmental FactorThese are opportunities for the company in its marketing effortsThese are threats to the company’s marketing efforts
a. Demographic trends in the population
b. Cultural influences affecting consumer decision-making
c. Natural resources needed as inputs by marketer
d. Political or economic conditions affecting consumers’ purchasing power
e. New technologies impacting the industry
f. Laws, agencies, or pressure groups that could limit or enhance marketing

Develop a conclusion based on your SWOT analysis that takes into account the most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and their overall impact on the marketing effort. Take this conclusion into consideration when making your final recommendation.

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