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Assignment is attached. APA required. 

Part 1

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Please write in complete sentences unless otherwise directed. Remember to cite your sources using APA format.

1. To manage change, we must understand what factors or forces influence change or bring about change. There are 7 forces that change how businesses operate. Consider the 7 factors or forces listed below. Take each factor and give a “real world” example of how that factor has created the need for change in a company or organization or how this factor might create the need for future change. For example, wireless communication is an example of a technological advancement. Wireless makes files and data available to remote workers and to anyone, anywhere, any time.

· Technological Advances

· Global Economics

· Maturation of Existing Markets

· Development of New Markets

· Sociopolitical Developments

· Increasingly Intense Competition

· Increasing Influence of Stakeholders and Customers

2. Another factor of change is a shortened business cycle. We are forced to bring products to market faster, to make faster return on investments, and to develop new products more quickly. In one paragraph, explain why a shortened or shrinking business cycle would create problems for many firms.

3. Service is the last activity in the “Value Chain.” In one or two paragraphs, explain how service adds value to a firm’s products and customers. 

4. “Failure to anticipate and mitigate circumstances that might impede the success of change initiatives is why so many initiatives fail.” From a business manager’s perspective, what does this mean? In your opinion, how important is communication in a change initiative? Your response should be one or two paragraphs.

Part 2

1. Benchmarking is an extremely useful business tool that helps organizations to stay competitive. Explain what benchmarking means. How can benchmarking be used to anticipate change? 

2. Customers are an excellent source of information. Customers help you determine your strengths and weaknesses; customers tell you what they value about your organization. Customers help you anticipate the need for change. There are six methods for collecting feedback from customers.  What three methods would you use if you were conducting a customer value analysis (CVA)? 

3. What sort of information about your products and services might you gain from warranty records and customer service records? How would you use this information?

4. Success is our Biggest Enemy! Read the below scenario and then respond to the two questions at the end of the scenario. 

“You won’t believe what I heard our CEO say during the weekly staff meeting this morning,” said Mavis Parsons who took the minutes for the meeting. Parsons is the executive secretary to the CEO of TDI, Inc. She is talking on the phone with Melba Matthews, who works in the engineering department.

“What did he say?” asked Matthews.

“Essentially, he said that all the success we have had over the last 10 years is killing us,” said Parsons.

“Are you sure you heard right?” asked Matthews. “How can our success be bad? It’s been good for me. I’m making more money than I ever thought I would.”

“So am I,” responded Parsons. “They were talking about some big change the CEO wants to make, and I heard him say that success has become our biggest enemy. In fact, he got pretty upset and told our vice presidents that half of them are complacent and the other half is arrogant.”

Question 1: What do you think the CEO meant when he said, “Success has become our biggest enemy?”

Question 2: What must be happening in his company for him to make such a statement?

5. Using the scenario above, what do you think the CEO should do to overcome arrogance and complacency in the company and start his plan for change?

6. You want to put together a change leadership team that will help you implement a major plan for change. Before you enlist the people you want for your team, you should determine what duties this team will perform and what types of skills and abilities are required.

· You want to place a posting for your change leadership team.  Write a brief job description for your team members.

7. Finding the right people is an important step in creating a change leadership team. What do you consider the most important trait you should consider when selecting your change leadership team? 

8. Creating trust is another important step in creating a change leadership team.  Describe what you might do to create trust. 

9. What process would you use to develop a common goal for your change leadership team? 

Part 3

1. A well-composed vision is critical when making major changes. Explain what this statement means.

2. Communication is a two-way process. Communication is a series of loops. A message must be sent and the message must be received. However, the message must also be understood and accepted if you are to achieve results:


· You are the manager of ABC Company. You are planning to change the arrangement and design of the offices and work stations on your floor. This means your employees will have to relocate to another position or space. You know there will be quite a bit of grumbling and unhappiness and even anger regarding these changes. (Some of these people have been sitting in the same place and at the same desk for about four years!) You have decided to be proactive instead of reactive with this change.

· You need to create a short memo that will go to your three-floor managers about this upcoming change. What information do you need to include in this memo? 

3. Using the same scenario as above, you plan to have a meeting with the employees on your floor to explain your plan to change the arrangement and design of the floor space. You must make sure that your message is not only understood but accepted! You want to have as little resistance as possible. You might even want to think of some way to motivate and reward these employees if the change is successful and is completed without issue.


· Prepare 5 talking points for this meeting that outlines what you want to say to your employees at this meeting. 

· What visual aids might you use in this meeting to illustrate your points and to convince your people to accept this change and to help with this change?

4. Define and describe the term “mentor” as the term relates to a business or professional organization. How can mentors be used to train new employees? How would you go about assigning a mentor to a new employee?

5. If you were to serve as a new hire’s mentor, what would you expect this person to learn from you? How would you help this new employee deal with change?

6. If you were to have a mentor (and everyone should) where you work, what would you hope to learn? How would a mentor help in managing change?

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