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AMB359 Reflection Report

Assignment 1

Due date: Friday Week 6 via Turnitin before 11:59pm

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Assessment 1 Individual Reflection (Bus: 18/8/2021)
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Weighting: 50 marks

Individual or group: Individual

Word limit: 2500 words

Format: Written report using size 12 Arial or Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. APA Referencing required.

Title Reflection Report

Purpose: To examine the students’ decision-making reflections of their group experience. Using the AMPR self-reflection videos to support their report, students reflect on their role in the decision making processes of the group and the group synergies.


Students are to prepare a reflection assignment (report style), which includes a description of the environment and the types of team members, a summary of experiences and issues that occurred. You will follow the 4R Framework. The student should highlight their role in the team – What were their tasks? How did they undertake these tasks? Reasoning should be given to how the student performed within the team, give an evaluation of their interactions, what sort of team member were they and how did this impact the team cohesion and/or performance of the team. The student should give insight into their own personality in relation to their decision making, work ethic and what has been learned from this experience. The student should also explain what they would do differently next time if anything. This is an academic piece of work. Extensive engagement with literature is required in order to do well. Everything you document/write needs to be supported by theory and hence literature.

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