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After completing the Week 7: Adult Development Map activity, respond to the following:

  • The reading this week concluded with a description of integrated perspectives on development with salient examples of theorists who have included the biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives in their models of adult development (for example, Baltes and Magnusson). To understand fully how adult development is linked to adult learning, the text suggested that educators of adults move to multiple explanations of what adulthood is all about, rather than rely on just one or two paradigms. The more we learn about adult learners, the changes they go through, and how these changes motivate and interact with learning, the better we can structure learning experiences that both respond to and stimulate development.
  • Given this information from our readings this week, how do you define adulthood? And what are three key aspects of your definition, as it applies to adult learners in a classroom?

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