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Any computer system is vulnerable to external attacks due to weakness or vulnerability to the device towards black hat hackers. Therefore, it is critical for computer experts to regularly conduct vulnerability scanning to identify and develop proactive measures to protect the data in a computer system from black hat hackers (Kumar, Mohan & Holowczak, 2008). Computer experts use manual and automatic techniques and tools to ensure maximum protection to computer end-points, network systems, servers, and clients’ information in an organization.

External and internal vulnerability scans are similar when identifying vulnerabilities within a system; however, they differ based on how they are compatible with a computer device and the scan appliance placement. External vulnerability scans are used to identify and block attackers using the public IP address to attack an organization’s computer system. On the other hand, an internal vulnerability scan is various techniques that identify and block attackers within the internet and compromise data by attacking a private IP address. Creating a technology to identify and block both the internal and external attackers is critical in developing both the internal and external vulnerability scan which are compatible with a particular computer operating system.

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