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Pick a publicly traded retailer.  Provide the following information on each bullet for full credit:

· Who is your retailer and what type of retailer is it – department store, category killer, etc.

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· Does your retailer also conduct business in brick and mortar stores?  If so, how many stores do they have?

· Who is the CEO and what makes this person equipped to run the company? Not just a bio please. Interpret!

· Develop a SWOT analysis about the company (display a table).  Below the table, discuss the bullets within each segment of the analysis and why you considered them as part of your SWOT.  I know places where you can find this already completed, so providing that alone is plagiarizing.  Include it if you agree but think beyond what is already available.  You have a giant brain, right?  Use it and be creative here!  Support your ideas.  I’ll be looking for this.

· Other than Amazon, who are the main competitors (name three)?  Discuss why your retailer should be concerned about each of these.

· Within the last 60 days, find the most recent article about your company in periodicals like the WSJ, the NYT or comparable resources.  Provide the link and give a brief overview of the subject matter.

· Provide references for all information.  If I can’t find your referenced info, no credit.

This assignment should at least 1500 words plus references.  Present it as double spaced, use 12-point Calibri…again…my favorite for reading.  This project is not designed to kill you, but to help you understand where to get and interpret retail information.  All of the scavenger hunt work is done online.  There’s no need to go into a brick and mortar location.  You may want to utilize the UF Libraries or company annual reports.  Do not plagiarize as I know you are better than that. Think for yourself!! Obviously, some info you provide (like number of stores) you’ll copy and share with me directly, but I want citations and references for everything you tell me.  We good?

Juan Emilio Orbe


Cecilia Shulz

Online Scavenger Hunt

The retailer I’ve chosen for this paper is Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. According to Dick’s sporting goods website is “an authentic, full-line sports and fitness omni-channel retailer offering a broad assortment of high quality, competitively-priced brand name sporting goods equipment, apparel and footwear, in a specialty store environment and through its online store.”[footnoteRef:1] The statement answers the first question of the assignment, Dick’s is a Specialty store because of their Narrow variety and deep assortments of goods.[footnoteRef:2] I find it interesting because I enjoy doing sports a lot and Dicks is one of my first retail options that cross through my mind when I’m in need of sports gear. [1: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/s/family-of-businesses] [2: Levy, Retailing Management McGraw-Hill Pg.45, Exhibit 2-5]

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