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total 60 questions –  multiple choice

A black box is a point of connection or linkage between two components.

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Select one:

a. False

b. True

All operating systems are open source; in other words, they are based on open, published source code that can be modified and improved by anyone.

Select one:

a. True

b. False

Which of the following is not an example of a common interface?

Select one:

a. The user communicates directly with the hardware.

b. The user communicates with the application program.

c. The application program communicates with the operating system.

d. The operating system communicates with the hardware.

Viewing each layer of abstraction as an independent black box is useful because it allows you to work with the layers one at a time.

Select one:

a. True

b. False

Inter-computer communication is enabled by __________ software installed on both machines.

Select one:

a. device management

b. communication services

c. Inter-computer communication is enabled by hardware, not software.

d. processor management

All application programs access the hardware through the __________ following rules imposed by the __________.

Select one:

a. operating system/interface

b. interface/interface

c. interface/operating system

d. operating system/operating system

Because different brands of computers often imply different hardware, the operating system routines that communicate directly with the hardware might be quite different, but the routines that interface with the application program present a consistent __________ to the programs running on both machines.

Select one:

a. platform

b. open base

c. proprietary base

d. The premise of this question is false.

A service is a hardware link activated by the operating system.

Select one:

a. False

b. True

Some operating systems are __________; in other words, they are based on published code that can be modified and improved by anyone.

Select one:

a. proprietary

b. transparent

c. open source

d. standardized

The user communicates with the application program, the application program communicates with the operating system, and the operating system communicates with the hardware.

Select one:

a. False

b. True

One way to increase processing speed is to move program instructions and data from memory to the processor more quickly. To help accomplish this objective, many computers contain a block of high-speed __________.

Select one:

a. cache memory

b. RAM

c. ROM

d. registers

Certain functions are common to almost all types of input and output. On a microcomputer, they are performed by each interface; in effect, they are duplicated for each device on the system. On larger machines, these common functions are assigned to a __________.

Select one:

a. interface board

b. channel

c. coprocessor

d. control unit

Data typically move between a disk’s surface and memory a __________ at a time.

Select one:

a. sector

b. cylinder

c. logical record

d. track

An instruction is fetched by the instruction control unit during __________ and executed by the arithmetic and logic unit during __________.

Select one:

a. F-time/E-time

b. E-time/I-time

c. The premise of this question is false.

d. I-time/E-time

A__________ can be read, but not written.

Select one:

a. RAM

b. ROM

c. flash memory

d. core

When you __________ memory, you do not change the contents. When you __________ memory you destroy the old contents.

Select one:

a. access/read

b. write/access

c. write/read

d. read/write

On a mainframe, device-dependent functions are implemented through ___________.

Select one:

a. the main processor

b. I/O control units

c. channels

d. coprocessors

RAM is considered __________ because it loses its contents when the power is cut.

Select one:

a. volatile

b. none of the above

c. fast

d. permanent

Many modern computer applications utilize __________, mixing text, graphics, sound, animations, and other elements to form an integrated, interactive environment.

Select one:

a. accelerator boards

b. multiple programs

c. multimedia

d. the Internet

Unlike a diskette drive, a hard disk spins constantly. This reduces __________.

Select one:

a. rotational delay

b. storage capacity

c. cost

d. seek time

Often, the key to finding the correct record on a traditional file is the __________.

Select one:

a. relative record number

b. index

c. disk directory

d. none of the above

A(n) __________ reads source statements, translates each one into one or more machine-level instructions, and generates a complete object module.

Select one:

a.  interpreter nd B

b. linkage editor

c. assembler

d. compiler

A(n) __________ works with one source statement at a time, reading it, translating it to machine-level, executing the resulting binary instructions, and then moving on to the next source statement.

Select one:

a. compiler

b. none of the above

c. interpreter

d. non-procedural language

When the same data are recorded in two or more independent files, those data are said to be _________.

Select one:

a. reentrant

b. wrong

c. inefficient

d. redundant

A key part of the solution to both the data redundancy and data dependency problems is organizing the data as a single, integrated __________.

Select one:

a. database

b. object

c. file

d. structure

A program stored in memory must be in __________ form.

Select one:

a. binary

b. byte

c. word

d. source

A(n) __________ program consists of a series of logical modules linked by a control structure

Select one:

a. compiled

b. object-oriented

c. assembled

d. structured

The way you use a telephone book is a good example of __________ access.

Select one:

a. database

b. file

c. direct, or random, access

d. sequential

A(n) __________ is a special type of linked list in which insertions occur at the rear and deletions occur at the front of the list.

Select one:

a. stack

b. file

c. array

d. queue

When a program’s logic is tied to its physical data structure, changing that structure will almost certainly require changing the program, a problem called data __________.

Select one:

a. dependency

b. structuring

c. The premise of this question is false.

d. redundancy

The operating system responds to a __________ by converting it to the appropriate physical commands and communicating those commands from the operating system to the hardware.

Select one:

a. either A or B

b. neither A nor B

c. physical I/O request

d. logical I/O request

Because a channel and the computer are independent, the main processor has no way of knowing when an I/O operation is completed unless the channel tells it. Thus as the last character of data flows across the channel, the channel processor sends the main processor an electronic signal called a(n) __________.

Select one:

a. control signal

b. I/O signal

c. The premise of this question is false.

d. interrupt

A 16-bit machine can access more than 64 KB if addresses are broken into two or more parts and transmitted during successive __________.

Select one:

a. machine cycles

b. logical I/O operations

c. instructions

d. physical I/O operations

Many personal computers feature a local I/O bus that follows the __________ standard and a slower __________ bus.

Select one:

a. ISA (industry standard architecture)

b. neither A nor B

c. both A and B

d. PCI (peripheral component interconnect)

The interface that controls a peripheral device is limited to a few __________ operations.

Select one:

a. logical

b. primitive

c. physical

d. machine language

It is possible to plug a scanner, a mouse, a modem, and other serial devices into a __________ hub and then plug the hub into a single port that connects all those devices to the system.

Select one:

a. SCSI (small computer system interface)

b. serial

c. USB (universal serial bus)

d. parallel

On many mainframes, the process of translating a logical I/O request to physical form is performed by a(n) __________.

Select one:

a. port

b. interface

c. bus

d. access method

Most microcomputers are constructed around a(n) __________, a metal framework that contains a series of slots.

Select one:

a. bus

b. interface

c. motherboard

d. controller

An instruction is fetched and executed during __________.

Select one:

a. E-time

b. I-time

c. a fetch

d. a machine cycle

A computer’s internal components are physically linked by a __________, a ribbon-like set of electrical lines (or wires) that carries several bits at a time, in parallel.

Select one:

a. interface

b. byte

c. word

d. bus

Primitive I/O commands are sent to an external device by the __________.

Select one:


b. communication system

c. file system

d. command language

A user communicates with __________ by typing brief, cryptic commands.

Select one:

a. a command line interface or shell

b. The premise of this question is false.

c. the file system

d. the IOCS

By creating a __________, a user can cause a series of command language commands to be executed in sequence.

Select one:

a. source file

b. batch file

c. command file

d. primitive file

Loading the operating system from scratch is called __________.

Select one:

a. a boot

b. a cold boot

c. a warm boot

d. initialization

The __________ communicates directly with hardware.

Select one:

a. all of the above

b. file system

c. command processor


The Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows both feature a __________ that presents the user with a selection of windows, icons, and menus.

Select one:

a. menu interface

b. Web-form interface

c. graphical user interface (GUI)

d. none of the above

A single logical record that extends over two or more physical records is called a __________.

Select one:

a. The premise of this question is false.

b. block

c. cluster

d. spanned record

A __________ is the unit of data processed by a single iteration of an application program.

Select one:

a. logical record

b. relative record

c. physical record

d. record

When a file is __________, the file system reads the directory, finds the file’s directory entry, extracts the file’s start address, and (sometimes) reads all or part of the file.

Select one:

a. accessed

b. created

c. closed

d. opened

A __________ does NOT indicate where (or how) the data is physically storeD.

Select one:

a. logical I/O request

b. both A and B

c. neither A nor B

d. physical I/O request

On a segmented system, the dynamically expanded address consists of __________.

Select one:

a. neither A nor B

b. a displacement

c. both A and B

d. a segment number

Loading only currently active pages is the underlying principle behind modern __________ systems.

Select one:

a. virtual memory

b. paged

c. multiprogramming

d. segmented

__________ is the elapsed time between job submission and job completion.

Select one:

a. none of the above

b. Turnaround

c. Response time

d. Throughput

The virtual machine concept calls for multiprogramming or time-sharing at the __________ level.

Select one:

a. regiion

b. partition

c. application program

d. operating system

During idle periods, the operating system’s __________ module reads data from such slow devices as terminal keyboards and stores them on a highspeed medium such as disk. Later, when the program is loaded, its input data can be read from high-speed disk.

Select one:

a. dispatching

b. spooling

c. queuing

d. scheduling

The simplest approach to managing memory for multiple, concurrent programs, fixed-partition memory management, divides the available space into fixedlength __________ each of which holds one program.

Select one:

a. clusters

b. regions

c. segments

d. partitions

With dynamic memory management, over time, little chunks of unused space are spread throughout memory, creating a __________ problem.

Select one:

a. response time

b. fragmentation

c. segmentation

d. throughput

Until the program is in memory, it has no __________ priority. Once in memory, its __________ priority is no longer relevant.

Select one:

a. external/internal

b. scheduling/dispatching

c. internal/external

d. The location of a program has no effect on its priority.

__________ is concerned with managing the computer’s available pool of memory, allocating space to application routines and making sure that they do not interfere with each other.

Select one:

a. Memory protection

b. Processor management

c. The IOCS

d. Memory management

When a virtual address points to a page that is not in real memory, a(n) __________ is recognized and a page-in (or swap-in) operation begins.

Select one:

a. interrupt

b. page interrupt

c. polling signal

d. page fault

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